Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dinner After the Show.

Luckily for me work wasn't filled with any biting, gnawing, kicking, scratching, or punching from any of the SED's; several of them were quite trying and very irritating, but for the most part all of that crap is fairly easy to deal least it is now. Before it was a little more trying. As I was leaving two SED's were about to yank each other's heads off, but thanks to some great crisis intervention skills from my co-worker Tory nothing....unfortunate happened. Once I had departed work and arrived home, I cleaned up and went out to dinner with my second family out here in San Diego. It had been since Thanksgiving since I last saw them and so we had dinner at The Olive Garden to catch up and had a great time chatting and what not. They also gave me a belated Christmas/birthday present; a "Pampered Chef" stone pie pan, which will not only make great pies, but I also may attempt to make some deep dish pizza with it. I am fortunately feeling much better than yesterday, although for the better part of the half of the day I felt nauseous and occasionally felt like vomiting. I wonder if this is what it feels like to get pregnant. That would suck in many ways; fortunately I don't have the correct plumbing for such things, so I'm sticking with the highly sensitive lactose intolerant theory still. I'm sure after all of that 'way too much information' segment it is time for me to say goodnight. So therefore..........goodnight.

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