Sunday, January 15, 2012

Broken Light Bulbs.

Today began out very slowly and lovely. I woke up, made myself some tea and a bagel and watched the film Hook while I read through the Sunday newspaper. There is something about that film that filled me with such great creative enthusiasm; I think a lot of it was John Williams' music and Robin Williams' performance. Both men are incredible artists. It was weird though; I had never realized how dated that film was until today. The presence and styles of the late 80s and early 90s are so obvious. It was a great way to begin the day...and then I went to work. I walked in and chatted with a co-worker for a bit and then went down into my cottage and wham got involved with a crisis. This SED was acting like a crazed homicidal maniac. He had broken his light fixture in his room and was waving the fluorescent light bulb that he had somehow removed from the case like it was a lightsaber. While attempting to evade and what not, my co-worker got smashed in the hand with this bulb and it shattered all over the place. There wasn't any blood thank goodness, but it could have been very severe. He was chucking shards of the glass and case at the door when I entered the picture. So I grabbed a bed comforter and used it as a shield for me and another staff while we closed in proximity towards him. We then disarmed him successfully and escorted him to the energy release room where he blew off the rest of his anger and ended up being fine. Later on I had a nice sit down chat with him about the seriousness of what he did, so hopefully he won't be doing that ever again. That was my excitement for the day. We'll see how tomorrow goes, and if I'm lucky there will be no major blow ups.

Flight to Neverland composed by John Williams for Hook is a fantastic theme and really showcases his talent as a film composer.

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