Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Artistic Day.

Despite having two social events cancelled today because the participants were otherwise preoccupied for various reason I still had a fantastic day. I had a good friend come over for the better part of the day, and at first we went and picked up a chair from "Lamps Plus" that I had ordered about a week ago, and after I assembled that we chilled and then began painting since last time we did drawing. Alright, I suck at painting and can only do ridiculous abstract crap that really truly looks like crap, but she was kind enough to compliment my dreadful products. She on the other hand was truly able to draw something both abstract and tangible at the same time. Below are the two paintings we did; the monkey is her's and the........other one is mine. I attempted the first time around to draw a shadow of Darth Vader, but it looked anything like that; it was very frustrating so I just painted over it. During our painting sessions, we watched Fantasia 2000, Immortal Beloved, and Sucker Punch. All three were fantastic, but the common themes were incredible music, creative visuals, and creative genius; it was helpful for me at least while I attempted to paint...something still not quite certain what it is that I painted. I also made some dinner; chicken alfredo pasta with french bread and corn, although my stomach is regretting the pasta unfortunately. I made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert, which were awesome. Needless to say I didn't get any writing done whatsoever, but I did a lot of painting and chatting, so I think that makes up for it. This weekend aside from work I am very busy as I have something going on tomorrow night, and then the night after that. All at once; what can I say.

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