Monday, October 31, 2011

The Blood Guy.

Yes today for Halloween I was Dexter Morgan from the cable television series. I had my white lab coat, name tag, and Miami Metro Homicide badge. Unfortunately I couldn't get the hair right, but I had the clean shaven face and the clothes right on. It was fun, although I wasn't able to really show the....darker side of the character. Maybe next Halloween. I was going to be something from Underworld or The Matrix but decided it would be too hot for my black leather trench coat. My place of employment had a lot of activities for the SED's, but unfortunately I was unable to participate or observe any of it because I was inside dealing with a screaming, tantruming SED for about an hour and a half that reminded me of the Hulk getting angry. It was really bad, but he was eventually able to calm down without any further problems aside from being quite hyper. I made some sugar cookies and the SED's were able to decorate them and then dispense them to the staff while each of them got one. It was a busy, busy day; I felt like I was on my toes all of the time doing something, but it went fast and soon it was over and I am now done with my work weekend and can enjoy 4 days off! I'm so relieved, albeit I wont be playing much this week as I will be busy working on my writing stuff and other things that I have to do. So I hope that everyone had an excellent Halloween, ate lots of candy (I'm definitely going to get some at Target tomorrow), and had immense fun dressing up.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Next Time................Yuck!

I feel so much like crap right about now. Certain things that I ate did not agree with my stomach by any stretch of the imagination and now it feels like nuclear warfare going on inside of my stomach. It sucks. Well today I was kicked, hit and scratched multiple times and called a "banshee" but other then that I was able to weather everything out and have a relatively good day although it was constant prompting all of the frelling bloody time. There are my thoughts, now time for some sleep.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is Now a Bad Time?

Those were the words I essentially asked when I walked in on my primary client tantrumming and attempting to assault his peers and my fellow co-workers. On my break (since I was doing a double) I was going to spend some time with him, but since he was in the middle of that...well it was obviously poor timing on his part. Better luck next time. For the most part it was a good day, long and at times very stressful day at work. Needy severely emotionally disturbed kids are quite a handful, and agitating beyond normal kids and what they tend to put adults through. Thank goodness I don't have any children; I don't know how all of you parents just don't.....lash out irrationally all of the time with your kids. Well one day down, a day and a half more to go before this round is over and Halloween is here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wolves and Paradise.

At first I thought today was going to be a great productive day..........but it didn't up as thus. I had a great beginning to the day. Made myself a nice big brunch and read the newspapers and went straight to editing and writing which I did for the next four hours, after which I was rewarding myself with watching something pleasurable and then my sister from Florida called. We chatted for nearly an hour and half, which severely interfered with my evening plans. After I finished watching what I was, I made myself some delicious chicken alfredo pasta and watched this one documentary called Wolves in Paradise which is primarily about the experiment of reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone National Park after they were killed off for the most part in the early 20th century or so I believe. It was a rather fascinating documentary with good points of view, but after being myself recently to Montana and seeing the carnage the wolves have wrought along with local, popular opinions I can't say that the introduction of the wolves was a good idea. Not only have they attacked livestock, but according to my knowledgeable resources of people who have lived in that state for a long time, they have decimated the herds of Elk and Moose. It's a very sad thing, but at least they can shoot the wolves from what I understand now. I actually like wolves like I would a Siberian tiger or a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but if it is going to either be me, my livelihood or the animal (s) then of course I'm going to choose me. It's interesting to me that the U.S. Federal government is spending all of this money creating a wolf population during a difficult economy, and the wolves are hurting hunting business along with the cattle business which if those go down state and federal revenues go down, which means the government doesn't make any money. There aren't a lot of plain common sense people in government anymore on average. That's about as far of a soap box I'm going to get on for now. In reality for me, people will always be more important than a bunch of furry animals, and I wish people in the government would spend more money on people than animals. That was my boring day. The last weekend of October is here. I hope everyone has a lot of fun with their weekend parties, festivals, and or rituals. Once again, Happy Halloween. Oh, I posted the J. Edgar trailer; looks like it should be good.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Haunted House.

I didn't get any writing done today, which some of that was because of laziness, but the real reason is because I was at work assisting a co-worker finish her haunted house for the SED's, which she is very close to being finished. It all looks really cool, and now I want to create my own haunted house and am thinking of all of these different ideas. When I wasn't doing that, I was spending time with one of the SED's who is my primary and I am his primary counselor; we basically spend one one one time with each other and I'm like a mentor, it's been a lot of fun. He's a really cool kid when he isn't screaming like a banshee, attacking my co-workers, trying to hurt himself, or attempting to run away from the facility. We watched Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit; I love that movie so much, and am very thankful that he does too, and candy as well. Since I had a little free time I went to the library and got a biography of Abraham Lincoln, which hopefully will prove a better read than Walt Disney. The rest of the day was uneventful and  boring. Oh here's some interesting Halloween news of sorts; apparently Prince Charles of Great Britain is related to Vlad the Impaler the man who the legend of Draculia is drawn from. He loves Transylvania and the Wallachian mountain forest, which he is also a big preserver of. Maybe the next in line to the throne of Britain is a vampire? We could only hope, that way for certain Prince William would be king instead. Well there you have it. Hopefully the video I posted of the haunted house where I work at will look okay. I wanted to lighten it up a little and add music, but I am feeling quite lazy; perhaps I'll do it at a latter time. Oh theme is Coraline by the way, and sorry if it gets took dark...that is after all part of the charm of a haunted house.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quacking To and Fro.

Well today wasn't the most productive day that I have ever had, but it wasn't that bad either. I got quite a bit of writing done, although there isn't a final product to show for it yet, but I'm getting there slowly but surely. I had a lovely conversation with me mum; she went to the Holy Land Experience in Florida and she said it was rather delightful. She's visiting me grandmum and sister and the three of them thought that it would be really cool, and from what she told me it was. Something to do when I'm there next year hopefully. I almost wrote a short story, but decided not to; I'm hoping I'll be able do that tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath as I'm going to be rather busy and out of the apartment for a good chunk of the day. Timing is still something that I'm working on. aside from the number of things that I watched tonight, I decided to watch something a little festive Daffy Duck's Quackbusters. It's a very old classic animated film; something I grew up watching and every time we went to grandma's us kids sat down and watched it. Lots of good pastimes and memories wrapped up in this film. I also watched another film from my past childhood The Littles. It's another animated film about little people for lack of another descriptive word that help each other and this young boy get out of a set of dastardly circumstances. It's a lot of fun, and also brings back good memories, although I didn't watch all of it. I then sat down in front of the computer for fifteen minutes trying to find something to do. I tried a number of different computer games, and then finally settled on Red Alert 3 which is something I haven't played in many, many months. It was nice to sit down and do nothing productive like I used to. Anyways. To sum it all up; it was a boring and uneventful day down memory lane, but tomorrow might be a little better. We'll see.

It's goofy, weird and juvenile but a whole heck of a lot of fun at the same time, so give me a break.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fonduing Around.

Today seemed very long despite it not being very long. I did my usual morning routine and then went to Target to get Captain America: The First Avenger on Bluray. After I got back I did laundry, ate lunch, and then began some writing which lasted far longer then it should of. This one writing task was taking me essentially all afternoon to complete, and it wasn't fun by any stretch of the imagination or even that enjoyable. It was the kind of writing that you do because you need to, and whenever I am confronted with that kind of writing it always takes me a while to do it because my motivation is running quite low. Actually the whole writing project that I am undertaking right now it taking me far longer than I was hoping or expecting it to, and I ain't even halfway completed yet and I'm already pulling my hair out. I'll get there eventually though, but I'm hoping it is sooner rather then later. Since that sucked up my afternoon my evening went by quickly as I watched the aforementioned film above, which was just as delightful as I remember it, but it did look more fabulous in 3-D and on a huge screen. Oh well, in life you cannot seem to always have everything unless you have unlimited resources. Now I'm getting excited for The Avengers which will be coming out next year; should be interesting to see how everything goes over with that. Aside from reading the Wall Street Journal, which had a section indicating that several studies are reporting that multivitamins and other supplements are not very useful, and could actually be harmful. Apparently, having a dark, leafy rich diet is better than swallowing pills; go figure. Also an interesting report is that adrenaline junkies are most likely to watch scary movies, and that during a scary movie guys tended to be more attracted to girls who were more freaked out and girls were more attracted to guys who didn't seem phased by the horror at all. What people will go through just to get closer to each other. I washed dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and put my laundry away. Now it's late so I'm going to watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Merlin and then go to bed. I posted the trailer for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3-D below; very excited about that. We'll see how it is in the new format when it debuts next year, and then we'll see how long it takes the Lord of the Rings trilogy to do the same thing, hey maybe even The Matrix trilogy will do the same thing. Hollywood will do whatever it can to make a buck without spending a buck; hence a lot of the crappy films that come out.

This was the only trailer I could find and post; sorry about the commentator and the bit about Madonna.

Monday, October 24, 2011

One Week Until Halloween....

I had a very busy day. I woke up around 9:30 and began making snickerdoodle cookies, followed by cupcakes, and then I got ready for work and went in early to help the recreation coordinator with the haunted house, which the theme is going to be Coraline. It looks really cool so far, especially considering the budget that it doesn't have. I got to design and build the door that goes back from the bad house; I was very impressed with my improvisational skills. While I was pounding out a staple I smashed my thumb with the hammer and got bloodied a little, but nothing too serious. I'm going to post a video of a walk-through of it all when it is completed and I think everyone will like it. Aside from that, I would say that the SED's had a pretty good day. I also got to use some more of my "artistic skills" decorating the cottage for the holiday, and I'm hoping that our graveyard theme gets us first prize.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Long, Easy Day?

Although nothing terrible occurred all day long really, it was a very long day at work. I was just constantly on my feet prompting, putting out fires (metaphorically speaking), helping SED's, and playing around with SED's. This one kid kept jumping on my back while I was kind of playing around with them, and I almost had a dog pile on me, but I was able to stop it along with a lot of potential fights. I almost let one happen just to see how the two SED's would fight each other, but it didn't get that far. The rest of the night I was just kept busy with little things here and there. That's all folks. Have a great night.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Night Laughter!!!!

I worked with my usual crew tonight that I usually do on Saturday nights and it was a blast. The kids were fine; rude somewhat, but fine. I haven't laughed so hard in a very, very long time. I found out so much about slang language that I had no idea about. Another fascinating thing (I thought) was that I was going through this crayon box and finding all of these crayons with different colors and names that I had never heard before like fuzzywuzzy, laser yellow, raw sienna, and....that one one color that I can't suddenly think of. Blast! Oh well, but the one color I found that I love so much is cerulean; I don't per se like the color especially, but I enjoy the way it sounds. Anyways (I think I was a little sleep deprived by tonight). Most of that happened in the evening, during the am shift I had an SED bite, pinch, and kick me; he was quite the belligerent fathead. Other then that I survived another day; another one to go.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Much Galore.

Well today I didn't get much of anything accomplished. I had a lot of fun hanging out with a co-worker. I made delicious chocolate chip cookies, and some other things. It was a very lovely time. After that, I watched.....some stuff, Merlin, washed dishes, and read my two newspapers. That was how the day went, and I didn't do one bit of writing. Oh well. I don't have much to write about except to verify that the Libyan dictator is truly dead. Syria's Bashar al-Assad better be careful, as he might be next on the Arab Spring list of deadly dictators to go, and perhaps things might even spread into Iran, right into the Grand Ayatollah's back yard. There's my bit of politics. Work starts up again, and hopefully this cold that won't seem to go away (I've had it over a month) will not return and I'll have a relatively good work weekend.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

An American Icon....?

In Neal Gabler's biography of Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination I found it exhaustive, boring, depressing, and surprising to see what the architect of one of the greatest media empires was really like. The review is there is you'd like to read it, but my advice is if you want to read a biography about Walt Disney, don't read this one unless you're really interested in EVERYTHING that had to do with creating the Waly Disney Empire and the man that ignited the flame. I was able to get some more writing done on my new project, but it remains slow going unfortunately. I'm hoping to get a lot done tomorrow, but I have a social engagement that might interfere with productivity; oh well, as I've said in the past you can't be productive all of the time. So I can finally return that Disney biography back to the library and get something else finally. Looks like the people of Libya reached a milestone in their development of a democracy with the death of their oppressor; Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi. My congratulations to them, and I hope that they are able to craft a peaceful and flourishing nation brimming with knowledge and wealth that all of the people of Libya can partake in. Well for me it was a rather average day; the neighbors were loud and obnoxious, which fortunately did not last all that long. And I was able to relax without pushing myself to finish a writing project. Not a whole lot of excitement, but hey at least I'm not stressed out or exhausted. Unlike Walt Disney, I don't need to go all of the time or risk getting bored. I thought it would be interesting to post one of the original Mickey Mouse cartoons; it's interesting to know almost the entire background of this one animated short.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Land of....Writing.

Even though you are making progress, do you ever find that you're working on something that you're getting nowhere? I hate that feeling, and that is how it's going with this new project that I am working on. It is taking me so long to do so little work, but I suppose the devil really is in the details. In the end when I am finished with this project it will all be worth it, I am quite certain of that. That is what I spent a good portion of the day doing, and then I was reading my Walt Disney biography again, of which I am almost finished with at last. That book is like taking a class over two semesters; there is so much crap in there about not only the man himself but the people around him too and most of them I could care less about. I started watching season 3 of Merlin last night when I discovered that new episodes had been added to Netflix, and I continued on tonight. I love that show, even though the dialog can be campy at times, and the relationship between Arthur and Merlin a little irritating. Growing up and seeing Merlin as all powerful and then as a comical servant at the beck and call of a spoiled prince just annoys me sometimes. For the most part though it is a good and entertaining show, and delves really deep into Celtic mythology which I am obsessively fascinated with. I wrote my review for The Clone Wars: Season 3 which is probably the best season yet, but since season 4 will have Darth Maul in it I have a feeling that will change eventually. There you have my day; writing may not seem difficult, but when you work and labor on something for hours a day trying to get it right, you might change your mind and stick to something else. Me, I love writing and wouldn't trade my talent for it for anything else.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It Keeps Getting Better & Better.

It is nice to have days off again. Well I didn't do much of anything today except watch The Clone Wars and a few other things. I was debating on whether or not I should get the DVD or Bluray version of the 3rd season of the hit animated series.....I chose to get the Bluray. It looks great and I guess I get access to a lot of stuff, but I wish there would have been more. The 1st season on DVD was full of extras, and extended cuts, after that they began pairing down. Instead of every episode having their own documentary (which was so cool) they only have documentaries on the major episodes that are connected, except irritatingly for the Mortis Trilogy. There is no artwork booklet with this disc set, which isn't a huge deal but it is just one less thing that wasn't part of the overall package. Also for the Bluray, the menus were boring and not very dynamic; aside from the actual episodes, the Bluray or DVD sets don't have much to offer. I noticed a difference with picture quality of Bluray vs. DVD, but that might have something to do with how much better the animators are getting since the 1st season. I'm going to save my entire critique for the review I will be posting on my website, but my favorite episodes were "The Nightsisters" arc; it was really awesome. It is Clone Wars Tuesdays again and this time around we have "Nomad Droids." C-3PO and R2 are on their way back to Coruscant when their ship is udner attack. They crash land on a planet and are surprised by a group of beings that turn out to be more than they thought. After getting off of that planet they then get to another planet to find themselves at the mercy of something terrible. The episode is essentially about R2 & C-3PO having a string of adventures, and it actually works out relatively well albeit quite weird frequently. There are echoes of The Wizard of Oz & Gulliver's Travels in this episode, and if you were to watch I think you'd see it too. It was a lot of fun, and it was nice to see the two droids have adventures together without any of the usual major characters present. Over the top, some good laughs, and new weirdness this episode has it all, even some good action. I was able to get some more writing done, but all of the Clone Wars watching (since season 3 came out into the stores today) took up a lot of my time. Hey, I love Star Wars, and many successful people began by liking this saga or being influenced and inspired by it; hopefully if the Force is with be, I will be one of those successful people eventually. I also was in the mood to watch Elizabeth, the one starring Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, and Joseph Fiennes. I love that film, especially the music and the phenomenal acting by Ms. Blanchett & Mr. Rush. Oh, something I forgot to blog last night was that my co-worker Heather made and brought in these spectacular pumpkin cookies which were so good; I definitely need to get the recipe for them. I seem to be liking food more and more as I get older; very weird. Well season 4 of the Clone Wars seems to be going well so far, and they started off with a big bang, let's see how it keeps going especially with Darth Maul's return on the edge of the horizon.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Making Gravestones.

I bet you don't hear that too often. But it was quite true; me and one of my co-workers made gravestones tonight. Granted they were out of cardboard, but they looked pretty good after she carved and I painted. For the cottage that we work in, our theme for Halloween is a 'Graveyard' hence the gravestones. It's going to look really sweet by the time we are done with it all. Some SED's were up a tree ripping branches and causing a mess, some were punching each other, and some were throwing things at my face. That was my day, which does sound bad, but I only personally had to deal with a fraction of it. During my writing group we watched an episode of the old animated television show The Tick which I love, but the SED's didn't like it too much. Apparently it wasn't violent enough, which is what they all on average find quite hysterical and enjoyable to watch. No wonder this country is going in the wrong direction; kids are finding violence (real violent stuff) highly amusing. Sadism is in vogue. Lucky us, luck me. Have a great work week everyone. Yuck!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Crocodile bit off my.....

.....I'm not even kidding about this quote. One of the SED boys, who has poor physical boundaries, very sexualized, made the statment "A crocodile bit off my dick." Oh yeah, this is what I get to experience everytime I walk through those doors. For the most part work was fine. Had a shoe thrown at me, soap thrown at me, called 'Dumbo' and had four SED boys pile onto me. That was an interesting experience; first there was one, then two, three and then four. At first it was fine, but soon I felt my back and neck feeling a little uncomfortable and some how eventually we all landed on the floor. The mob pile mentality; no wonder people get killed doing stuff like that. The facility had an old VHS version of Star Wars IV and boy did it look and sound terrible; I'm so spoiled hearing and seeing superior versions of it these days, and with it on Blu-Ray I'm sure it will be even better. Irritatingly I was also quite sleepy throughout the shift so that's my priority right now. Good night everyone, and have a great beginning of the work week.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Screaming Makeover.

Well today work was work. I had kids screaming and shouting at me, not to mention swearing and swinging at me. I had to "help" a lot of SED's out to get where they were directed to go, and I had a flooding lake of patience. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow or Monday, but life will go on and I will survive. After all I get paid and I am acquiring experience, and I get to live in San Diego, California. I'm tired and feel like blah so going to sleep.

Friday, October 14, 2011

"Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!"

It was a lovely and productive day, very productive actually. Did some shopping at Target, and then set my mind to writing and today it went by much more quickly and efficiently. I also chose to do a lot of baking today as well. I made a cherry pie, a strawberry pie, and some chocolate chip cookies. I would have posted pictures of them, but I can never seem to take pictures that do the food actually justice. I have to say that the cookies I made are the finest chocolate chip cookies that I have ever made; they're so chewy, so tender that goodness I cannot explain how scrumptious they are. The pies look quite tasty as well, although the crusts were giving me some difficulty, but I expect both of them should taste just fine, and the oven didn't give me any problems at all with heat management which is a huge blessing, although I am watching everything like a hawk more than I use to. Once I was done with all of that I decided to sit down and watch a film for dinner. Among my many options I chose Henry V because I love British acting and Kenneth Branagh. I wasn't quite certain what to expect, but I had seen parts of the film when I was very, very young. The cast was amazing, the filming exquisite, and the dialog was....was....well Shakespearian. This was both great and not so great. There were times when I was enchanted beyond imagination with the exchanges being said on screen with the actors and actresses, then there were times when I was confused and overwhelmed with the sensational and seemingly never ending monologues. Kenneth Branagh was incredible as Henry V and from what I understand quite accurate (along with the majority of the film) with reality. The actual British monarch died when he was 35 years old, and he was the last of the great medieval British kings and one of the most celebrated and popular. I loved the music by Patrick Doyle, and the cinematography was entrancing, and even the wardrobe looked highly accurate for the age. Good technical elements, although I think some of their voice syncing didn't quite go over well. Despite the language of the dialog, there was something awesome about the entire film; I really, really enjoyed it and would love to see it again. It's one of those films that as you watch over and over again you understand more and more of it along with all of the subtle nuances. A "Strong Ability" indeed, below I posted a part of the score from the film; my favorite track. Back to work again sad enough; I can't believe that the week went by that quickly.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun Writing at Last.

It's not that I dislike writing anything that I sit down and type or pen out, except for maybe school assignments, but some things are far more enjoyable to write than others. For example, I've been wanting to write more modern war stories for my ongoing series, but the other writing that I have been doing lately has gotten in the way and time has also been kind of against me lately. I finally did it tonight, and thank goodness everything began to cool down when it did or otherwise I might not have been able to do as much writing as I actually did. The next Modern War Story that I wrote was The Sword and the Shield: One Side of Business and I really enjoyed writing this one. I found the characters and setting very engaging and can't wait to build on it as the series progresses. It's about a junior U.S. Senator trying to get a humanitarian bill passed through the House and the Senate and all of the finagling and bargaining that it takes to get something passed through the chambers. Now granted in the story I am guessing somewhat with how things proceed, but I'm fairly certain that I am in general quite accurate. I hope all of you enjoy the story, which has also given me more ideas for stories of a pure political nature. Aside from that I did some other writing, and I think today that I spent a grand total of hours writing. This is why I am so busy all of the time, with all of the writing that I do it's like having another full time job, but it will be worth it in the end and hopefully all of my really hard work pays off. In the world of Star Wars there is quite a stir of news. Darth Maul will be returning in some way in some episodes of the Clone Wars per George Lucas. It is very exciting to see such an iconic villain make a comeback, I only hope that they can get the same guy to do the voice. Video posted below; awesome collage and preview! And I also found this really cool poster for The Phantom Menace for when it will be released in 3-D next year! I find that very exciting, and yes I am a ridiculous Star Wars fan, but I have no life except for writing and work so I guess I'm allowed. Despite getting really hot today, it is actually cooling off relatively quickly and hopefully this weekend will continue to cool down; I hate working when it's boiling hot. Lot's of things to do tomorrow, so we'll see if I can manage to get it all done.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hot, Too Hot!

I don't know why the temperatures are rising in Southern California, but it's really getting on my last nerve. I was just talking to myself about how I got the big blanket out because the temperatures at night were getting cooler, which I was very pleased about. Now it's about 11:11pm and the temperature in my room is 79 degrees F., but going down. It was 86 degrees at one point and it's taken about four hours just to get it to drop 6 degrees inside my apartment by blowing in cool air. Apparently it's suppose to get even warmer tomorrow and then cool off over the weekend. Hot weather is impossible writing weather for me; if I'm struggling writing something and hot at the same time my temper gets the best of me unfortunately I find oftentimes in those situations. I was able to get some more writing done today, but it took far longer then I had anticipated to do the amount that I did. Sometimes, or rather frequently, life sucks despite all of the best efforts one puts into it to make it better. Oh well, no choice but keep up the good fight and hope for cooler weather, otherwise I would have gotten much more writing accomplished. I didn't use my air conditioner because it sucks and isn't very efficient, and I don't really want to waste money on it if I can survive without it (keyword being survive). I also want to see what my average electric bill is going to be month to month without the use of something heavy like the air conditioning. Aside from a few boring things that I did today, I watched Howl's Moving Castle which is my favorite Hayao Miyazaki film. I really enjoy that film, although there are parts of it that still make no sense to me, but I really enjoyed the music this time around; Joe Hisaishi did an excellent job with the score. I posted a song from the end of the film, which I've always thought was extraordinarily beautiful ever since I first saw the film back in the fall of 2007. Good memories and good times; I could elaborate, but I'll save that for another time. Hopefully I'll be cooler tomorrow, or maybe I'll get up earlier and get more accomplished before it gets really hot.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

400th Post!

It took a little longer than I thought to get here, but I am writing the four hundredth post for my blog. Hard work does pay off eventually, although one I've found has to be quite patient or risk driving oneself crazy. Today wasn't as productive as I might have hoped for but I did get some stuff accomplished. I did some writing and editing, which did take long then I was anticipating, but it is what it is and one just has to ploy through it and keep chipping off a little at a time. I had to go into work today for an SED's birthday party, and he specifically asked that I wear a suit, although I decided not to wear the suit coat as it was rather warm today. I really thought that the hot weather was gone and the cooler weather had arrived, but apparently that is not the case. After the birthday party, which went well, I went to Target to pick up a few things and while I was there I bumped into a good friend of mine. After we were both done shopping, we came back to my place and hanged out while watching The Devil Wear Prada. Fantastic film. Speaking of films, The Avengers film trailer is out today and I attached it below. It actually looks as if it will be good, although I am still waiting to see what the plot will be, and what villains they will be using. It is Clone Wars Tuesdays yet again, and this week we have the episode "Mercy Mission." A group of clones are assigned to provide relief to a planet that recently had a horrendous earthquake. C-3PO and R2 also accompany them and help them out, and while they are there the two of them find out that the problems the people on the planet are facing are much more severe than the clones believed. However, it is up to C-3PO and R2 to save the day, since the clones are bitter about being taken away from the front lines simply for delivering aid and assistance to a not so technologically advanced planet. I really enjoyed this episode. It was humorous, interesting, fascinating new people groups, and a lot of weird stuff going on; exactly what should be in Star Wars, but wouldn't have survived a film debut. The language that the native people speak is really cool, and I love the enthusiasm that all of them possess. C-3PO and R2 are fine, but the really interesting stuff happens underground. This episode has a huge weirdness factor and I won't spoil anything, but if you look at it from "this is all already impossible" then it doesn't seem so far fetched. I also liked how the clones were depicted in this episode; they seem to be becoming much less...humane and polite, which was probably to begin echoing how they're suppose to be when the Empire takes over. I think everyone should be able to enjoy this episode, despite a weak plot, but this is more of an exploration than anything...story is tertiary.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grossed Out.

For the most part it was a fairly chill day at work. The only time when I had excitement is when this one new SED refused to take a med, and when I was helping him back to his room he tried to bite me, but quickly stopped when he realized that it wasn't a good idea. It actually was a very busy day, although I don't know why. The SED's just seemed very needy a lot, especially the girls who were tantruming and screeching like banshees. After they all went to sleep I was reading the file of this one SED, which in graphic description detailed how this one kid's father molested his sister. I almost vomited a number of times, because there are some things that you never want to read like the five year old girl sucking her father's.....well use your improper imagination for that one. There were other sexual things this man did to his daughter, and then he said that it was all her; she, this 5 year old girl, was sexually exploring her father of her own will and desire. There are a lot of creepy and perverted people out there. One of my co-workers then told me, after I shared what I found, that a different place she was working at some people who had taken in this one man and his 1 year old daughter (it was a drug shelter or something) upon washing the baby girl they discovered something lodged in the baby's vaginal area. She told me there were plenty more stories where that came from. Life sucks. Anyways. I'm very enthusiastic that my days off are here, and I'm very hopeful that I can knuckle down and get my work/writing done that I need to.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


It was a relatively good day at work today with very few problems that me and my co-worker couldn't handle. First there was hyperness, but we've dealt with that since day one, then there was the SED shaking his backside and squatting down to scratch his crack because it was dry and itchy. I'm sorry if that was too much information, but if you would have been there what soon followed after would have been much worse. I'll let all of your imaginations figure out the rest. Aside from all of that crap, a previous client visited the facility and met with all of the previous staff that he worked with and caught up. He then talked to the SED's in my cottage about how we was succeeding and what he was looking towards to do. From I am told, since I was not yet employed there when he was a client, he was quite the little wretch. Now he seems like a polite and productive young man with aspirations to go college and become successful. That is what my job is all about; the hope that one day the SED's I work with will attain that level of excellence. A little side note, you hear the darnedest things at work sometimes from your co-workers; sometimes they make you laugh hysterically, other times you simply remain mystified and imagine The Office and how that relates.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Christmas Came........Early?

Just when you think you've heard it all, an SED says something that you have to do a double take with. One SED was on a time-out for something, and while he was on his time out he was grabbing his genitals and saying Merry, Merry Christmas! I quickly ushered him into his room and had a chat with him about his behavior, but I shouldn't expect anything less as this SED was wanting to hump female alligators one day. Oh the joys of my job. It was a good day and most of the SED's were fine and seem to be getting back into the swing of things as they were before I left thank goodness. Two more days left before my next round of days off, and then I'm going to have to really put my nose to the grindstone for my writing.

Friday, October 7, 2011


The irritating thing about editing is that it takes hours and hours of time, and although you get stuff accomplished you don't have a finished product to show at the end of it all, and it seems that I could churn out a fairly good original product oftentimes with how much time it takes for me to go through a portion of already written material. Oh well, time was not my friend this week to get writing accomplished. Apparently my prime time for writing is in the afternoon from anywhere close to 12pm-5pm. Before that I'm sleeping or waking up and doing morning routine stuff, and after that I'm eating and doing other things. Hmm...that doesn't leave a lot of time for writing. I guess I'm going to have to work on that. I did get some writing done, but its unfortunately something that I can't post or comment about at this time, although hopefully I will be able to finish this new project quickly. I have a lot on my mind that I want to write and the annoying thing is not having the time to write it all, and do the other stuff that I want to do. I do actually enjoy having a small life that has absolutely nothing to do with writing or work....but it's hard to keep up with. I'm really trying to finish reading this Walt Disney biography that I started reading over a month ago. The author who wrote it though just put an exhaustive amount of detail in the book, and it is becoming incredibly boring despite everything that I am learning about this supposed great man. Yes I have a new perspective on Walt Disney after reading this book, and let's just say that it isn't very flattering. I'll save that though for my review, and boy will I have a lot to write when I get around to it. One thing that I'm grasping so far is that repeated failures and perceived lack of quality when it comes to a product doesn't mean you won't eventually become successful...although it took Walt most of his life to get where he wanted to. Well work again tomorrow. We'll see if the SED's are as hyper and unsettled as they were last week. Posted a trailer for the new film The Raven directed by James McTiegue (V For Vendetta) which is about Edgar Allen Poe and the origins of his stories or something like that. It looks interesting, but I don't know about John Cusack being Poe.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rolls of Quarters

Well today was relatively productive. I didn't have a clue that two rolls of quarters were actually $20...I might have just asked for one roll. However, now that I have two rolls I should be good with laundry for a while. I could have gotten more done but I had a late start to the day; hopefully that will turn around for tomorrow. I was able to get some writing done on a new project that I can't quite yet reveal yet as to what it is, but it will be good once I am done with it. I had to go into work today to pick something up and spend some time with one of the SED's, who's actually growing on me the more time I spend with him. He actually seems like a great kid and is very polite and kind hearted, although I have seen him during his tantrums and he can be quite the wretch. One of my co-workers roped me into assisting her with a project that she is working on for the facility's Halloween holiday; she's going to construct a "Coraline" themed maze. It's going to be really cool and I might be able to post some pictures and video of it before it's finished, which I will put on the blog when it is available. The rest of the night was rather uneventful. I had a friend come over and we chatted for a bit and then watched a movie which is something way out of my usual fare, but she really wanted to see it. The film was White Chicks starring the Wayans brothers who I like a lot. I was surprised honestly as I thought that the film was going to be pure crap that I'd get bored and irritated with, but I ended up enjoying myself and laughing quite a lot, and I'm talking about a real hardy, deep laugh. It's a humorous distraction from reality and one that I'd recommend to people who love comedies as their main genre for viewing. One last thing before I end this blog tonight. I was surprised as I perused Facebook, the newspapers, and other sources of news how much Steve Jobs touched other peoples lives, and how thousands of people felt that he did affect their lives in a positive way. That is a legacy to leave behind; I hope that it indeed stands the test of time, along with his company.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Well today was semi-productive. I began it rather irritatingly when I looked at my bank statement and discovered a few.....problems with my financial capital. To say the least, my place of employment made a clerical error on all of the paid time off that I was suppose to get, so my check was smaller, and my roommate hadn't crossed over the water bill yet so I was billed for last month's expenditures even though I didn't reside there. Therefore, I had to go to work to get it all settled out and I had to return to my old apartment complex and get all of that settled out as well. The work situation turned out alright, the other matter though is beginning to become a major pain in the neck. Like all things having to do with my former roommate, I probably won't get reimbursed. That's what I get for trusting him with anything; one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life thus far. Oh well, life must go on. So because of all of that, not much in the way of writing was done. I did some shopping while I made those two trips, and I replaced the brake lights in my car so all I have to fix is the driver's side mirror. The rest of the day I did some reading, watched Lie to Me season 3, which apparently is the final season for some odd reason unless I am misunderstanding something I read concerning that season's DVD release. I haven't a clue why that fantastic show would be cancelled only after 3 seasons; TV executives haven't a bloody clue. I made myself some delicious tacos and enjoyed the lovely rainy and cool weather that hovered around San Diego, and all I can say is it is about time. All of that roasting hot heat was getting on my nerves, so hopefully it is over for the year, but apparently it can still get hot up until November according to one of my co-workers. I was getting online about 45 minutes or so ago and on the MSN homepage they put that former Apple CEo Steve Jobs died. He was a man ahead of his time like Walt Disney, and like Walt died far before his time. Mr. Jobs was only 56 and only recently retired from his position in Apple. God be with him and his family, and I hope that his company continues to make the good products that he championed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting into the New Swing of Things.

Now that I have returned from my vacation to my settled apartment with no irritating roommates life seems to much less stressful. I have been waiting for a number of years to come up with a routine that can't be ruined by the presence of another individual, and that time has come. Not to mention having a place all to oneself is quite wonderful, I cannot lie about that. I'm happy for people who are married, dating, and have other relationships but life is much less complicated and far less stressful with just oneself to be primarily concerned about. Like tonight I was reading the Wall Street Journal, the local newpaper, and my Walt Disney biography while I sipped on sparkling grape juice listening to fantastic classical music masterpieces. It was sheer bliss, and I wouldn't have been able to do that with an obnoxious roommate around. Anyways. Today was just plain relaxing and mapping out what I was going to do for the rest of the week. I finished season 5 of Dexter which was amazing! On the DVD Showtime included the first two episodes of The Borgias which is one of their new series starring Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander. At first when I heard about the series I was kind of disappointed, but now upon seeing the first two episodes I am actually quite impressed with the acting, the filming, characters, design, stories, and writing. Jeremy Irons as a pope is very convincing and very good. His oldest son Cesare Borgia played by Francios Arnaud is also quite good; kind of reminds me of a young Francis Walsingham. It should play out to be good, although I have no idea as to the real history of Pope Alexander and his family. It is that time of year again when it is Clone Wars Tuesdays. The latest episode "Shadow Warrior" is a stand alone episode that doesn't really make much sense, but is overall entertaining. I won't spoil anything, but let's just say that General Grievous vs, Gungans and the outcome is rather interesting. Count Dooku plays a large role in this episode and it was great to see him in lightsaber action again, although I still have to say that his animation when fighting needs to be worked on to appear less....stiff looking, and more fluid. Jar Jar has a pretty central role, and he does well. I personally like Jar Jar, and I firmly believe that his character works phenomenally well in the animated show. It was nice to revisit Naboo again and a lot of the locales that were featured in The Phantom Menace and the animation artists did relative justice to the visuals. Oh, and I also put a slide show of most of my pictures that I took while on my vacation to Montana and put them on the front page of the blog. Enjoy them.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Car Challenges.

Well today almost began rather in a vexing manner. I had just basically pulled out of my apartment complex when a police squad car pulled me over. Apparently my left brake light is out, and my busted driver's side mirror is a CA violation. Fortunately that was it and then I was on my way, despite the polite and nice policeman trying to make small talk. Then on the way home when I was getting off the freeway an owl almost rammed into my side of the windshield and I had to slam on my brakes. I have a feeling I wouldn't have wanted to see what would have happened if it had struck my windshield. Work went well. There was essentially one SED that was acting a fool almost the entire shift, but I dealt with him and kept him in check. My writing group went well and we actually did what I had planned and the SED's actually did it, although I had to bribe them in order to get them to do it, but hey these kids just think that way unfortunately. Overall a really good day, and I still have quite a bit of energy; let's see how long it will last for.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Still Have the Vacation Glow.

So far so good yet and none of the SED's have wished that I wasn't there, and I also haven't lost any of my energy or happiness that I had acquired during my vacation. I thought my bud of calm would go by the middle of the day because the SED's were absolutely ridiculous all day long, but I was able to hold my composure although my seriousness was very...serious. Was playing freeze tag and I for some odd reason tried to hop over a metal bar and miscalculated my...angle and speed and landed on my family jewels. It hurt obviously a lot, but I also apparently got a whopping bruise on my ankle which at first didn't hurt, and then it began to really hurt, and now it's feeling better. I got big old bump that grew astronomically quickly, but I'd like to think of it as a battle scar....even though it won't last much past a few days.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Return of the MHW....

MHW is my title at work (Mental Health Worker) and boy what a day it was. I walked into the cottage that I work at and all of the SED's were awake and saying hello and that they wanted hugs @ barely 7am and most of them remained awake and hyper for the duration of the morning. There weren't any major behaviors fortunately, but there were a number of small fires that if weren't nipped in the behind could have been severe. It was fantastic to see the SED's again and spend time with them after being on vacation for so long, and it was awesome to see all of my co-workers again as well. I had a lot of laughs and catching up moments all day; I love my job and the people that I am allowed to work with. Happy October 1st to everyone! Only 30 more days until all Hollow's Eve, and this year it's going to be on Monday unfortunately and I wish it were going to be on a Friday. Oh well. It wasn't that difficult to get back into the swing off things at work, and not too many things changed, although the SED's apparently had been having extreme difficulties during my absence. It might have been the perfect timing for vacation, but now I'm back and ready to gt back into full work mode until my next vacation!