Thursday, March 31, 2011


The quest that drives most modern western civilizations to do ridiculous and unspeakable things was an irritating, but necessary realization for me today. Yep that's right I changed the oil in my vehicle today. It may surprise many of you I'm sure that a writer who spends most of his days inside in front of a computer or sitting down with pen and paper in hand can do such a messy and laborious task, but it's true. One of the things my father taught me that was useful and valuable when I was very young, along with other construction and building talents. It actually went a whole lot quicker than I thought it was going to go. It was really hot outside though, whew. The heat is coming to California and it'll only be April tomorrow, which is weird because I seem to remember it being quite cool only last week. I burnt myself a couple of times on the engine block while trying to take the oil filter off; dang, the engineers and desginers put the filter in the most ridiculous spot to get at. After looking at the oil I took out, it was high time for a change. I was sweating up a storm out there in the heat, and I had forgotten how difficult it was to get oily and grimey hands clean. I completed the whole task though, and now hopefully my care will be much happier. Well aside from that task and finishing up the plot, characters, and setting for my collaborative friend's radio extravaganza, I did nothing all day long and enjoyed it immensely. I've been on this binge lately playing a computer strategy game called Medieval: Total War II. I know I'm 25 and still playing such games, but you get to know all kinds of fun facts about history and the geography of the medieval world, resource and crisis management, not to mention real simulated battle tactics. I know I'm rationalizing it all, but I have learned a lot about that era of history because of this game. I haven't played it in years though until now, I guess I felt a little nostalgic. We'll see about being productive tomorrow; hopefully I'll get something useful accomplished.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Now today felt like a day off. I really did nothing productive at all, which counterbalances what I did yesterday. We'll see what tomorrow is like, but I ain't holding out for anything special. I was lazy almost all day long, except for a little writing that I did for my collaboration on the radio drama thing. It's coming together real nice, and if he doesn't use it then I will, because it's actually a real cool reality that I spun. Okay well I'm sleepy (doing nothing is really hard work) so I'm going to read a little and then shove off to bed. Good night world.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Working Day Off.

I have a feeling that I am going to really need a vacation in a couple of months. I did sleep in a bit, but I didn't sleep that well unfortunately. I did my usual day off morning routine and then cleaned the apartment. I tinkered around on the computer and then made some delectable pumpkin bread which turned out fantastically. After that I did some writing for my one friend who I will be collaborating with on some sort of radio drama thing. I am coming up with the story, characters, plot, world and what not while he will mainly focus on the dialogue and production of the project. I think it will actually be quite good when we're done with it. After that I made myself some dinner and watched The Good Shepherd. That was a very long film, so after I watched it and wrote the review and what not it was already quite late. I need more time in a day to do everything that I want to do, I haven't even had the time yet to read my blasted newspaper and here I am blogging. Blast, I really hope that everything that I am doing now and working towards leads to something otherwise I think I might just go vanish into the hills of Ireland and raise goats. Goodnight everyone.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Survival to the Finish Once More!

Not until you work a very stressful job do you realize how wonderful days off and sleep are, and are in fact better than drinking and partying until you become nothing more than a mere silly shadow of something resembling a human being that you once thought you were. For some reason being mentally and physically exhausted makes me think that I am philosophic even though for the most part I am not. This was perhaps the easiest of my three day work weekend thank goodness; I don't know how well my poor mind and body could have handled more stress. It was a fine shift with nothing really momentous occuring, although during my writing group the SED's were able to come up with some rather interesting poetry unlike I thought that they were going to. Surprises come from everywhere I guess. Now for sleep, and lots of it hopefully.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Near the Finish Line!

One last day, and this work weekend will finally be over. Things were going well at work today, but right as the pm shift began and I was halfway completed with my double, that charming tantruming SED acted a fool. He yelled, screamed, and threatened to hit me numerous times. He ended taking his mattress and smahing it into my head, and come to think of it he deserved probably more consequences than he received but I was trying to give him a chance. Anyways. once he cooled down the rest of the evening was fine, minus a few small things here and there. Came back to the apartment exhausted and in walks my roommate with two of his associates. Don't know how long they'll be staying, but I swear that idiot roommate of mine has no concept of being polite and courteous of anyone but himself and the people who he deems worthy of that. Big picture though, big picture....but does my sanity also fit into that? Hmm.....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

3 Hour Tantrum?

What a day! Can you imagine the worst possible tantrum ever and it lasting for nearly 3 and a half hours long, and now imagine the child being very, very violent and self-destructive. That was me dealing with an SED starting at about 7am and not really ending until 10:30am. You want to talk about patience, wow I almost ran out, as I ran out of steam doing a double like I normally do on Saturdays. The SED punched me several times and threw shoes at me; I won't repeat all of the names he called me, but he spoke at one point and time about slicing me up into little pieces of meat and putting them on top of an omlette and eating them and that is verbatim. This SED is eight years old by the way, and his treatment is being funded by taxpayers. Lucky us. After his lengthy span of horrendous behavior, the SED calmed down and had a fantastic rest of the day. I swear for these kids poor behavior is either a switch, or a routine that they follow because they know nothing else. The rest of the day is kind of a blur, and I ended up staying later at work because this SED supposedly mooned this other SED and I had to write a report on it. It was a bad day at work to say the least, and I felt like crap when I got home and it felt like I had a temperature. I can't wait to get some sleep. Everyone send me all of your positive energy tomorrow as that same violent SED will be there all day (he usually goes on pass on Sunday) and I'm hoping he got all of his bad behavior out of him.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I was Suckered In.

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything." -Wise Man

That was one of my more favorite sayings from the film Sucker Punch, which I wrote a lovely review on. Apparently at the theatre I saw it at, it was featured particularly in the Imax Experience which included superior sound, a huge screen, and crisp clear digital projection. It was a fantastic experience. There was something kind of funny though. This one couple that was sitting behind me, they were in their late forties or so and neither one of them had any idea what they were watching. They thought it was suppose to be 3-D, when the film wasn't even shot in that format. They also thought that it was suppose to be purely an action film (obviously they didn't watch the trailer very closely). How do I know all of this, because they were very vocal in complaining about it during the beginning of the film up until the first epic action sequence. I have one thing to say about that; people try to figure out what you're watching before you sit down and watch and then complain, because you really don't have anyone to complain to other than yourselves. Aside from that, traffic was a nightmare; people can't drive. Oh yeah, I was picking up a few items from the grocery and I'm turning right onto a divided highway. No one was coming from my left anywhere so I turn. I am then greeted by this huge pickup truck driving straight at me. Fortunately neither one of us came even close to being crunched, but I had to make certain that I saw him and wasn't imagining things, and also checked that I wasn't going the wrong direction. That was something that doesn't usually happen to me. I also know why I don't go to Wal-Mart very often (I had to pick up some items to change the oil in my car); I prefer Target much more and only wish that they had an automotive section. Perhaps it's just me, but I don't like getting up early and taking a luxurious shower and then coming out to eat a nice quiet breakfast while I read the Wall-Street Journal and my Bible to a bunch of loud and irritating children playing on an X-box and gossiping about their loser friends before it's even 10:30am. My roommate and his friends greatly irritated me, but I thought of the big picture again. He pays half of the rent, he pays half of the rent, he pays half of the rent. That was my day, and I did a little more writing on that one story that I mentioned yesterday; it is coming along fabulously and could be my best yet short story. Tomorrow I begin work once more; hopefully I won't get bit on, kicked, scratched, or spit at.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Hey there Groceries!"

I wish that I could write that this was an incredible day filled with exciting and adventurous things that happened, but it really was just an average day. Being the recluse that I am, I get the fun task of living vicariously through other people's expriences and find my adventure in the films that I watch and stories that I write. One day though I'll have some more adventure in my life, but for now I only allow myself to dream. Even though it wasn't very adventurous, it was relaxing and somewhat productive. I sat down again and began randomly writing, and this time I came up with something entirely different and it should be quite interesting. It's like Alice in Wonderland combined with Sin City those two kinds of realities set in a dark and gritty environment. The story is pretty solid, although there are portions that'll make people sad, angry, grossed out, and whatever else. It's going to be a long short story, but I don't know how long it'll take for me to write it; I'm going to try and not rush this one. I added the Harry Gregson-Williams Music Page to my website. And not too long ago I just finished watching Eat Pray Love, and wrote the Eat Pray Love Film Review. It was good and refreshing and made me want to travel the world and eat exquisite cuisine in Italy and that is where I got the title of my blog for today; it was actually a very funny part of the film, although it came off a little cruel at first. Do you know how prolific Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is in films? That man who died a horrible death and buried in an unmarked grave that nobody understood because he was ahead of his times has his music played all of the time in films. In Eat Pray Love a song from his opera "The Magic Flute" was played; it was something that just amazed me. It bet all of his envious enemies that have been forgotten are really feeling stupid now. I had a lovely chat with my map maker for my Warrior's Tale Trilogy about a project that we're going to be working on together which should be very exciting and interesting. I really love writing and collaborating with people. Hopefully it's a sign of the future to come.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally, a FULL day Off.

Thank goodness for a whole day off, although for a few moments I was wondering what to do with myself, but I quickly found something to do but it wasn't very productive. I found it interesting to note yesterday while I was working that one of my co-workers told me that I was a work-aholic. Reflecting on that now, I suppose that statement is partially true since what I do most of the week is work; something to do with writing or my regular group home job. But if I want to really pull off a writing a career then I have to do what I am doing, and I also have to pay the bills so here I am. It also helps having the type of job that I do so that I can get experience and get knowledge of the California social system for when I hopefully go for my MSW (Masters in Social Work) and then down the road become a LCSW (Liscensed Clinical Social Worker). Today was semi-productive, but I wanted to really relax and do nothing, and for the most part I was successful. With some coaxing, I was able to get myself to write a review for The Eagle Film Score which was composed by Atli Ovarrson. I did some upkeep on my website and completed another film composer page; Harald Kloser Music Page. Aside from that I did nothing productive in the area of writing. I had a nice long conversation with my sister which lasted...oh...I think about 1hr & 25min. Oh by the way, there is some writing news that has absolutely nothing to do with me, and that is Christopher Paolini's final book of the Inheritance Cycle will be released November 8th, 2011 according to the BARNES and NOBLE website. Interestingly enough the title of the book is called "Inheritance." I guess he must have labored really hard over the title of the book. I will finally get to see if all of my predictions come true about how the whole thing will end, and it is about time that he released it as well. I still think that my trilogy is better, but people will primarily read what is popular.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heads Rolled.

Fortunately this did not happen at work this morning, although an SED was up around 6:50am tantruming, shouting, screaming, kicking and what not which he presumed to do until about 8:05am give or take a few minutes. I had the pleasant task (of course) to keep an eye on the wretch, but after his tantruming he was fine and had a good rest of the day from what I know. I only worked until 12:45pm, which was a nice balance. That of course kept me from doing everything that I wanted, but after I took a shower when I got back to my apartment I did laundry and cleaned the apartment since my roommate couldn't do anything during his week plus off last week. After that I relaxed for the rest of the evening and pretty much did nothing but fiddle around on the computer and watch some television and eat dinner. Quite a boring evening, but restful. I watched Sleepy Hollow and it was a lot of fun to see it again. I still remember the first time I saw it. It was back in 2002 January, it was just after my birthday when my father had decided to walk out on my mother, my sister, and myself and I was eating cheesecake with lemon curd on top which was leftover from my birthday. We got direct tv with a free sample of the Starz package and Sleepy Hollow was playing. It looked intriguing, so I watched it and immediately fell in love. I got my mother and sisters hooked and it quickly became a family favorite. Ah memories. It was the first film that I had ever seen Johnny Depp in, and it was the second Tim Burton film that I ever saw as well; the original Batman film was the first of Burton's films that I saw. I am dreadfully exhausted, so I am going to sleep and hopefully sleep for a long time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Average Children?

It was a long day. There was one SED who was out of programming tantruming and screaming for essentially the entire shift. It was a royal pain in the neck, and I enjoyed it so much that I am going back for seconds tomorrow morning because someone called in sick. Isn't life fun, but I at least get to help out my co-workers and get some more money. My writing group was tiresome. Trying to get these kids to write is like putting a piece of cheese in front of a mouse in a room by itself and hoping that it doesn't eat it or take it away. I really hope that average children are nothing like the children that I work with, am never having my own children. So I'm going to sleep after I watch some television. Goodnight.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smoked Laundry Anyone?

My job always seems to be filled with little adventures no matter what. While doing chores with our SED's this morning, my co-worker washed some laundry in the laundry room. Well, to say the least when I went into the laundry room to get something I could smell smoke (burnt metal) and I had my co-worker verify what I was smelling to make certain that I wasn't crazy. After she agreed with me I went to try and look for the source and since the lightbulb was out, I had to make do with a flashlight. When I couldn't find anything, I opened the washer and was greeted by a plume of smoke. To say the least, I immediately turned the washer off and unplugged it. So for the remainder of the day I did laundry in housekeeping, which was of course a nice long walk from the cottage. I suppose I got my exercise. The SED's were in general really good, except for one who although he can be a fantastic kid, he is also one of the whiniest and most frustrating at times for me to work with. Somehow I am able to do a really good job of working with him, but today I found my limit at last. Tomorrow should be interesting as this one SED tends to act out major behaviors on Mondays, but since he had a small episode after arriving back from a pass, perhaps he'll be fine. Good night everyone. I'm going to watch some Merlin and get some much needed sleep, and definitely sleep in.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


While at work a couple of co-workers were assisting me in coming up with some titles for my second book, and we came across that really cool word above and I thought that it would be a rather lovely touch for my blog. Today was fairly decent with very few difficulties thank God. Even though I didn't really write anything, I did work on coming up with titles for my second book which is actually more difficult than you'd think. I think after five full pages, I should come up with a title, at least I hope. You see, for me the title has to encapsulate the entire book, tie in with the entire trilogy, and interconnect to other pertinent themes within the book and the series as well. I also try to be as original as I possibly can be, which is also quite difficult. Attempting to create a title that no one else has utilized yet in any way, or at least as much as I can, is something akin to searching for a needle in a coal mine. I have a few good ideas, but nothing completely satisfies me yet, but I still have plenty of time. Well goodnight everyone and enjoy your sleep or day depending on where you are.

Friday, March 18, 2011

To Be Immortal?

Many people want to live forever, or at least stay young forever. What would that be like? What kind of person would an individual be if he or she lived for over three thousand years on our planet? What would their lifestyle be like? What would their code and conduct of morality be like? I have explored some of these questions in a new series that I have begun to write: The Revelation of Immortality: Alpha. This is the first part of the saga about eleven immortals who have lived for over 35oo years. I tried a fresh approach, and have blended mythology and actual history together to create something that I believe is truly unique and for lack of a better descriptor very cool. My hope is to continue writing as I am able, and I know that I stated that I didn't want to write any new series, but this just happened and I am going with it. It may not be a long series, it may be very long we'll see. Anyways, the day was fairly productive, although a phone call kept me from being as productive as I would have preferred, but I was able to finish writing the above story and create the Hans Zimmer Music Page. He is an amazing film composer and I like a lot of his work, but he needs to get less hit and miss and really consolidate his scores so that the majority, not the minority, are good. Other than all of that my day was rather uneventful. Tomorrow I return to work, and it will be a rather fabulous day. Good night one and all.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Mountains In Life.

I went hiking this morning with a co-worker and had a lovely time. Traffic was a bloody nightmare getting there and someone almost rear-ended me, but God was looking out for me thank goodness. I really should do more hiking considering my family history with health, but time, time, time where does one find the time? As it is there is much that I should be doing that I don't do, but if I did it then life would be work all of the time; life would be one mountain after another that I had to climb without an oasis in between. I don't know about ya'll but that isn't something that I am really up for. Anyways. I was lazy for a good part of the day, but then I did get up early for a hike up a mountain, so I can rationalize that I was resting from the long hike. I fiddled around on the computer for a longggggggg while and then did some more relaxing in front of the television set, and then I sat down and did some writing. I've almost gotten to the point on the Immortals that I am ready to post, but I took a dinner break and got started on season 4 of Battlestar Galactica and oh boy what a beginning it has had. The show is so well done that I haven't a clue why they ended it other then it ran its course, but it really is cool with good story, plot, and unimaginable twists that they had foreshadowed earlier but then you forget all about. That is such fantastic writing! And the characters because of their circumstances are quite easy to become attached to and care for, and that is another sign of good writing. I'm very anxious to see what happens in the end, hopefully it's better than how Farscape ended. After that I returned to the Immortals and wrote a whole bunch more; it is going to be a long short story series, at least I think....but that could change as I'm kind of going with the flow on this one. So far though it is immensely promising to be one of my better short stories; I think it has great potential, and hopefully I can finish the first part tomorrow. Now time for a little R&R.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Going as Planned.

This week I was suppose to get so much more done with my writing than I have, but nope, nada, not even what I wanted. The good thing is though that I have two days left to do something before it is back to work. My back is feeling a million times better without the use of any form of drugs, thank you God, although there is some remaining pain. I have no idea why it was in so much pain yesterday other than the notion that I slept on it funny. Today wasn't a total loss for work. I watched Public Enemies and wrote a review of it. Not as good as I thought it was going to be, but Johnny Depp was awesome as usual. In between being lazy and relaxing I found time to make some more music pages for the film composers that I have reviewed: Danny Elfman Music Page, Dario Marianelli Music Page, and David Arnold Music Page. Danny Elfman is my favorite film composer with his work on Sleepy Hollow being my favorite score of his, and perhaps of all scores (Star Wars is in its own category). That was essentially my day, and my hope was to do some more writing on the story I've dubbed The Immortals right now, but that might change. Creatively I seem to only have so much steam before I get exhausted mentally, and then there is nothing left unless I push myself to write, which isn't my most favorite thing to do in the world. I've forced myself to write in particular when completing the first draft of book 2, and mulitple other occasions, but it isn't fun and ends up being work. I really don't want my writing to turn into that at the moment. For now though I will leave it and rest; I do have two more days to get this first initial part completed. We'll see how it turns out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pain in the Back.

Usually it is pain in the neck, but today it is the opposite. For some reason I woke up this morning with an unusual amount of neck pain, that throughout the day transformed into a lot of back pain that feels quite severe honestly. It however didn't immediately hamper my ability to be productive. I did house work and ran some errands before relaxing a little. I then made myself dinner and made a co-worker a mango cheesecake; I hope it tastes good since this is my first attempt. After that I collapsed onto the living room floor (purposely) and tried to massage my back, and boy oh boy did it hurt like hell. It's like there are all kinds of knots everywhere; all over my neck and back. Try as I might, nothing worked and it only seemed to make it worse. So now I can barely turn my head or shoulders without causing an immense amount of pain. I took some ibprofen, hopefully that will help a little. It sucks, because there is nothing like a lot of back pain to keep one from writing. Another thing that kept me from writing or doing anything associated much with my website is that our internet (Cox) has been so wonky lately that it is ridiculous. It was inoperative most of the day, and just now I was able to get it to work miraculously (thank you God) so that I could post at least a blog entry. Everything is paid according to my roommate and there is nothing faulty on any of our equipment, so apparently the Cox people are coming to check the matter out tomorrow. Other than that, my day was pretty boring. I got a new toy from Target today: a food processor, which is what I used to puree the mango after I chopped it up. You know, I've never cut up a mango before and it was adventure. Never again will I attempt to cut one in half without the assistance of an electric saw. It is Clone Wars Tuesday today (I almost forgot) and today we escape from the citadel. That is essentially the plot; our heroes escape from the planet, although there is a slight plot twist. The prison ward, Osi Sobeck, comes more to my liking in this episode, but I still don't really care for him too much. He bored me, and I found the way he walked, talked, and laughed annoying most of the time. All of the other characters were fine, and Ahsoka even grew a little with her character. Tarkin was fine, but came across as overly pompous and arrogant; I don't remember that in Episode IV. What I saw was a superiority complex, but he was cold and calculating, not very flowery. In the end, the episode was good, and I must admit that the animators and directors are getting better with blending the actions sequences and making them different. I particularly like the world that they were on, Lola Sayu (although the name is somewhat proposterous). There are two episodes left, and if I'm not mistaken two familiar Star Wars characters will be featured: Chewbacca and Darth Maul. At least I think so on the latter, but who knows. Well I'm going to post this before my internet magically decides to not work again. Good night everyone, and while you sleep be careful not to sleep in a funny position or you might find yourself waking up and feeling like a ninety year old.

Monday, March 14, 2011


For my writing group at work today I made snickerdoodle cookies for the SED's, and they turned out spectacularly! The kids loved them as well as the staff that I shared them with as well, even when I tasted one myself I thought that I had done a fairly good job on them. Once again my day was essentially all work, which wasn't too bad. I tried to teach this one SED how to shoot basketball hoops and he actually did rather well, and I thought it was also amazing that I was able to teach some facet of an athletic sport that I detest quite vehemently. Other than that my day was fine, boring, and uneventful. Thank God. I am so tired and exhausted from the four days of working, but now I have my days off and I am going to enjoy them, although I am also going to have some major catch up work to do for my website. Here's to tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Out Doubled.

One has to be creative and resourceful when coming up for titles. Today was tiring, and not just because we rolled up the clocks by one hour. I was sore from all of my physical exertions yesterday and of course today was my second double on top of working extra. All days the SED's have been active and hyper, which of course wears an inactive guy like me down quickly. I then feel like an old man for a couple of days before being back at the top of my game (so to speak). No SED tried to attack me, but there was one that was constantly whining and complaining about a bruise that he got on his arm. He was so needy and attention seeking that it drove me bonkers about. Oh and one adventurous thing is that one of my co-workers combusted some spinach in a styrofoam container while warming it up in the microwave. Apparently there were flames and a lot of smoke. The interior of the microwave was scorched, but most of it cleaned off fortunately. The microwave worked well afterwards without any difficulties, although it didn't look as new or shiny as it had when it was taken out of the box a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing how many stories I could write from my experiences at work, and although I am not really writing at all during my work week, my mind is constantly thinking about possibilities and what could potentially lead to a fantastic story. The mental health arena is an amazing place for all kinds of stories: horror, suspense, romance (yes even that), action, drama (big one here), success stories and ones that are of course even heart breaking. Hope you all get some more sleep tonight and that you're lives aren't too messed up over loosing an hour of sleep.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Forward!

I don't know about the rest of you folks in the world, but we here in the United States get to set our magnificent clocks one hour ahead, although I think some people stay the same or something like that. What a day at work. I get there and this one SED immediately has issues. He spit on me, tried to viciously attack me, scratched me and broke skin (there was some blood) and got urine all over me. It was one heck of a way to start the morning and my work weekend. Later on I also played soccer with the SED's and threw a football around, so by late afternoon I was completely exhausted. The rest of the shift went well, except for my throat feeling a little hoarse from shouting and raising my voice much more than I am use to. I am very sleepy right now and vexed that I loose an hour of sleep and on top of it all, I'm doing another double tomorrow. I'm really going to need the break when my days off come again. I feel like there should be more for me to write, but I can't think of anything else so good night.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy Day.

I woke up to a text message from my sister in Florida that was concerned about the weather and the whole tsunami situation, which after I read I went back to sleep. I'm not quite certain why it didn't bother me. All of my prayers and hopes go out to the Japanese people and all of the others who have suffered at the hands of the earthquake. May God bless and watch over all of you. I then got up and went to go hang out with a friend in Point Loma, CA (for those of you not familair with San Diego area it is a city that is right next to the ocean). The weather was perfect, the company, fantastic (thank you Victoria), and the lunch at The Point was also very tasty. Nice little restaurant/diner. After that I drove back to the apartment and went to work for the rest of the evening for some overtime! Money is a great thing, but so is helping my fellow co-workers out. That was essentially my day. I had no time to write or watch the film I got from Netflix (Public Enemies), but that is what I have next week for. Well there it is for today. All of the writing will have to wait for next week, major bummer, but I will revel in the fact that I finished editing my book.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Draft #2 Completed!

Well I've done it! I finished editing draft number two of book number two of A Warrior's Tale Trilogy. Now I only have about....maybe five or seven drafts remaining before I am most likely ready for it to move onto the publishing phase. The book continues to grow and right now it is about 542 pages in length, which is good. I needed a lot of details that I added this time around. I still need a few more here and there throughout the book, but that is what draft number three is for and so forth and so on. Now I'm going to have a few select individuals look over it for grammar, story content, and things that are out of place or just don't look or seem right. So as it seems, today was very productive. I spent the greater part of the afternoon editing book 2, so I didn't really have time to write anything else. I had an early dinner with a former professor and we chatted about all kinds of things from Ethics to spiritual philosophy, it was an amazing conversation. Thanks Fred. He was one of my favorite professors in college. He has a bunch of videos on youtube, I think his user name is darkwaterhermit or something like that. The rest of the night I spoke with family and friends and relaxed. When I was finished with all of that I went back to my computer and began writing the same story that I was writing last night. I am almost ready to post the first part, if I want to keep it short. I might instead keep it longer and it will therefore take me a few more additional days. It is shaping up nicely though, and I'm really liking the characters; I am giving myself so much material to work with. Well I'm sleepy and have a lot to do tomorrow and not enough time to do it all, so good night.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

200th Post!

Well since I began writing this blog back in....August of last year (wow I can't believe it's been that long!) I've managed to almost write one entry every day. There were those unfortunate absences in writing, but for the most part my goal has been dutifully followed. Give me another four months or so and I'll reach the 300th mark and I guess it'll keep going and going until I lack the ability to write, which God willing will never happen. Even though I don't have anything to post on my blog or website, I actually did have a rather productive day for writing. I edited another chapter in book 2 and only have one remaining to edit! That will be of course edited tomorrow, and then I'll add a few things and be completed with the 2nd draft! Now comes the nitty gritty details of the writing process and soon to be publishing part of writing a book. I was working on titles today for the 2nd book and came up with a few, but it's still going to take me some time before I come up with the right one. After eating dinner and relaxing for a while, I decided to sit down at the computer and simply began to type whatever pretty much came to my head regardless of whether or not it made sense. I ended up writing quite a bit and came up with a very interesting story that I am uncertain of where to take it, but the premise is I think very intriguing. I'm going to try and keep people in suspense, but it is about Immortals. The problem for me though is that it is not really short story material, but either a book or a series and I'm not entirely certain if I want to deal with that right now. We'll see where it takes me though. Well I'm sleepy so I'm going to watch some Battlestar Galactica and get some shut eye. Sleep well world.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where Have all of the Good Men Gone?

That is a rather interesting title for today, and it was interestingly enough something that I had a conversation with a co-worker last night and a friend today. The title is based on a Wall Street Journal article about men who take until about twenty-seven or so years of age to mature....well at least somewhat mature and act like responsible adults. My co-worker (female) agreed with my perspective, while my friend (male) did not. I thought it was interesting that the sexes were so divided, as the article proposed about this issue. The basic argument that I put forth and the article as well, is that American men are taking far too long to grow up and mature. Men and society in general encourages it and makes excuses for it as well; I do not. I believe men should start beginning to be independent and showing signs of being driven to become self-supportive as young as sixteen years of age. Men are becoming weak, ego hungry driven fools in this country and nowhere is this demonstrated more perfectly than on popular media and television shows, and films. I'm tired of grown men being given excuses to act like fools, idiots, and nothing less than a young teenager just because "Well, they're only twenty-two; they're young, let them enjoy it while they still can." Or rather a favorite of mine is, "hey I use to party and be irresponsible when I was twenty-four, it's just a phase that they're going through." I don't care if you're a nerd, dork, jock, or average joe but if you act like an irresponsible and lazy person who cares only about himself and indulging in pleasure then you aren't a man, you are a child. I deal with children in my field of work, and I see many of the same behaviors in grown men, as well as some of the same activities, drives, langauge, and humor. That needs to change, otherwise we are going to have one hell of a culture in twenty-five years or so. Stepping off the soap box. Today was actually rather productive all things considering. I did some housework, laundry and played around on the computer for a while and then edited book 2. I edited the latter half of the chapter that I was previously working on, and then I went back to an earlier chapter and added a fair bit of writing that I decided had been lacking. It took me a good additional couple of hours, but it was much better in the end, and I added about five or six additional pages. I have about two chapters left to edit before I am finished with my second draft! It is actually rather exciting. The last two chapters will be complicated though since that is where so much information happens so quickly, the thing is I might have to slow it down a little and add more details. We'll see. I watched Beowulf the version directed by Robert Zemeckis. It was good. The computer graphics were astounding, and the music by Alan Silvestri was amazing. I think I might write a review of it tomorrow, otherwise I'll just expound more in my blog tomorrow. Today is Clone Wars Tuesdays. Today we have "Counterattack." In this episode our heroes continue to try and escape from the Citadel prison planet. That is really the plot. Actually the entire episode reminded me of this WWII suspense, spy like film Where Eagles Dare, which has a similar plot angle where British agents rescue an American general from an impenetrable German prison in the Bavarian mountains. Things get more intense, and of course Tarkin's character is explored more which is nice. I look forward to seeing Anakin and him in future episodes. Their dialogue could have used some help with how it was written, but it is only a children's television show I have to remind myself. The pace was good, and you kept wondering if they were actually going to escape, especially alive, or rather unharmed in some of the characters cases. I really enjoyed this episode, although the prison warden still annoys me. I hope that tomorrow is equally productive, and happy Mardi Gras to everyone.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week End.

It was a rather good day at work, although my poetry sessions with my writing group aren't going as well as I had hoped for unfortunately. I was thinking towards the end of the shift that sleep sounded so beautiful, and now that I am so close to getting some I can't agree more with that notion. No writing, and no thought of it; we'll see what this week holds. I have a lot of things brewing in my head, and I am hoping to at least pen one of them down, two would be too good to be true.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Urine at 6:30am Anyone?

Today was long. As soon as I got into the door at work I was dealing with this one kid who had been up since around 6:30am or so, and was screaming his head off and waking everyone else up, and urinated all over the place in the bathroom and tried to flash as well. He was raised by cats if you didn't realize it. The SED eventually made it back into his room and was fine for the rest of the morning. Then there was the whiney SED who was complaining about his wrist hurting and stating most insistently that he broke it, which wasn't accurate, and tantrumed when we didn't believe him or give him the extra attention that he wanted. With him, this happened throughout the entire day. Some other SED's were just as moody and irritable, but fortunately were able to maintain themselves. Eventually the shift calmed down and was fine, although the hiccups along the way made it ridiculous at times, especially when some co-workers fostered an unstable environment, at least in my opinion. Oh well, at least no one spit on me, although the one SED kept trying to kick me and he connected, but he's so weak it was like a fly was bumping into me. Essentially a boring, average day. I got some good ideas for writing, thanks to my awesome co-worker Staci and our wonderful overnight Lina. I think it'll make a fine short story. Now I just have to find the time to write it. One more day of work and then I'm finished once more! And then I get to go back to writing. Ah the joys of being a writer.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working It.

Well work was long today since I did a double, but unlike last week I was able to get a good amount of sleep so I wasn't tired all day. Yeah that was about it, aside from many inside jokes that my co-worker Ari and I exchanged, it was a fairly average day. These days I merely blog for the sake of blogging, so I can keep the record of blogging every day as long as I possibly can. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, March 4, 2011

No Peopling Allowed.

Isn't that the most ridiculous title in the world, well maybe. I stole it from Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks which is a fantastic film and a classic of course. Today I felt more like myself and much better, perhaps some additional sleep was very helpful in that regard. Aside from doing my usual oblutions in the morning, I went back to where I graduated college from, San Diego Christian College, to see an old friend of mine. Little did I know that I would be seeing multiple old friends and professors while I was there. It was actually wonderful to see all of them again, catch up, and to spend time with good, wholesome people that don't stress me out or purposefully try to make me feel uncomfortable just for a laugh. It was a good day. Even though I was only able to edit a part of a chapter for book 2, in my defense it was a long chapter and this part I had to add some stuff because I forgot to write in a character during the latter part of the book. I don't know how I forgot that when writing it, but there you go. Anything else writing related I decided that I just didn't want to do anything else. This week wasn't the best for writing, but that's life. Sometimes you get a lot done and sometimes you don't. I watched Donnie Darko and have one phrase to sum it all up.... "demon bunny." I have never seen a demonic rabbit, but I must admit that it was kind of cool albeit quite unique. I was a littl creeped out about the whole thing at first, but then it didn't bother me after that. I have worked with some kids who've had some difficulties that are similar to his, at least in them being delusional and hallucinations. This kid though, he saw owls instead of rabbits, and he thought he was one deep inside and belived that he had an owl father who would take him away to his owl library in the middle of the desert (I think he said the desert was somewhere in Arizona) and transform him into an owl. The kid was fifteen years old, and for the most part he was a good kid until he began acting crazy and going off. Going back to Donnie Darko. It was an interesting film that had a lot of potential, but in the end it was very weird, didn't really explain itself leaving the viewer really confused, and it was lacking cohesiveness between all of the characters. And honestly, some things just didn't make sense. I guess it might be one of those films that you have to see a number of times in order for it to make sense. I didn't really like it, but it wasn't because it was necessarily terrible...I suppose it comes down to taste and style, and confusing films a lot of times are just that. Well work tomorrow and the next few days after that. I'm actually looking forward to it. Let's see if I'm still saying that come Sunday night.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


You know there are only so many human expressions and words to describe a rather "blah" feeling. For some reason this week I have been feeling so off lately. I completely lacked any energy or drive to write today, but yet again I was able to edit more of book 2 at least, although I can't say very much for any other medium of writing. Aside from that all that I did was watch the beginning of season 3 for Battlestar Galactica. It was a fantastic beginning of a season but kind of depressing and dark at the same time. What a day. I did hardly any work and watched a television series. I really hope that tomorrow goes differently, and I cannot wait until this week is over. Talk about a sucky couple of days off.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exhausted for No Reason.

I don't why I am so tired, but I laid down in bed for a bit about an hour ago and still right now I am completely sleepy and I haven't a clue why. Perhaps I should start going to bed earlier, although I thought that I slept in plenty today. I was able to force myself to edit a chapter of book 2, but other than that and writing a review for David Garrett's Rock Symphonies album that was all of the writing that I was able to do. I feel that I usually have more to blog than what I have so far, but today was plainly blah. You ever feel so tired you don't feel like doing anything, even the stuff that you usually enjoy doing; all you want to do is sleep. That is how I felt today annoyingly enough. That is rather obnoxious when you're trying to have a productive day and the body chemistry isn't going for it. Due to the state of life at the apartment with my roommate, I think it is going to be absolutely imperative that I find time to edit that screenplay I had a friend look over and try to get it sold, or write another one. Maybe I'll get lucky, or God will send me a little extra grace and favor. Well aside from all of that yacking up there, I am tired and really feel like falling asleep, so I am going to read the Wall Street Journal and then go to bed I think. I feel so....aged doing that, but why not embrace what I am. A boring adult.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cleaned Out.

After I did my regular morning routine, I cleaned the entire apartment. I washed the floors, washed the dishes, vaccumed, swept the patio and stairwell, and of course scrubbed the stains out of the carpet wherever I found them. Most of the cleaning related of course to my roommate's rude and disrespectful friends that he had over Saturday morning and Monday night. Unfortunately some of the stains in the carpet won't come off and not all of the blue dye from around the sink in the bathroom will come off the counters either. It is rather frustrating. Now you might be asking yourselves two questions: wow he's really a nice roommate, or, what an idiot. Well I have been told by multiple people that I am quite nice, but no I am not an idiot. I am actually going to make him pay for me cleaning everything that he didn't and of course get professional cleaning to get those carpet stains out (which he will also pay for). Hopefully he'll see reason and not let this happen again, or we'll both have to split up most likely and move out which would be a great shame since I love this place and area so much. Dear God let his head get screwed on tightly. Aside from the cleaning I didn't do much else besides relaxing and I chatted with my sister. She gave me great news that she, my nephew, and her boyfriend will most likely come out and visit me in June! I am very happy for that bit of news. Later on in the evening, I watched The Blind Side and I won't hesitate to say that it was a most excellent film. I loved it immensely and it is a shame that it took me so long to see it. I highly recommend that film to everyone to watch. I had no energy to write at all today aside from what I posted on this blog, but that will change tomorrow though. I need to get back on top of my writing, and I need to write that screenplay. Blast it I wish that I had more time in a day. May the Force be with you all, oh and there wasn't a new Clone Wars episode to review this week, but the next one looks interesting.