Friday, December 9, 2011

The Surprises Keep Coming.

Work was today. Found out the "new boss" is making a tidal wave of changes that are certain to shake things up, and in my opinion not for the good of the center I work at. I think that the woman is on a power trip and out to remake every single part of the center into what she wants, and by doing this I think she is also trying to slowly eliminate or rather force out all of the old staff. She is certainly succeeding so far. More ideas and thoughts continue to come my way about the future, but for now I still work there. Blah. However, work wasn't so bad although this one wretched SED was being a pain in the neck almost all day long; thank goodness that he will be discharged in less then a week. I am very excited about that, but the SED filling his spot isn't what I was hoping for. Think very violent, moody, weird child with the voice of a banshee and that is what I will be working with whenever I am at work. Not really looking forward to it. After work went home and did nothing but eat food, take a shower, and watched re-runs of Brothers & Sisters and a good portion of the James Bond film Goldfinger. Not the best Bond film ever, but for some odd reason people and critics seem to like it a lot. Christmas Present memory for today is something a little odd that I'm not quite certain how to explain since the memory of the particular parts of the present are a little vague. My parents got me this one thing which had a bunch of Styrofoam like pieces, almost like Lincoln Logs, that you could cut and sand together to create things. One thing about the present that I clearly remember is this bluish sander like object that was battery powered that could grind down the piece of Styrofoam into the shapes that you wanted. It was fun, but definitely one of those odd presents that you would never purposely ask for, but enjoyed nonetheless. I think I might have been eleven or twelve when I got it. Well, the work week must go on.

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