Sunday, December 4, 2011


Despite there being no snow in Southern California (yet) it certainly feels at times that it could get that cold, like tonight; I could sadly see my breath. We are decorating for Christmas in the cottage at work that I am in, and tonight I made a lot of snowflakes; I goal is to have them everywhere, and I seem to get better at making them now that I actually have remembered how to make them. Work wasn't too bad today. The SED's had Santa Claus pay them a visit and give them each a present and they actually did rather well, well at least the ones that my co-worker and I handle, can't say as much for the others. Two of the girls though whined and were quite rude, while one of the boys was acting like a baby for no apparently good reason but he actually kept it together thankfully. Not a bad day all in all and only one left before my days off! Now for a distant Christmas present memory; one year back when I was about 8 or 9 my grandparents (I believe) got me a wonderful present. It was a "Cobra Commander G.I. JOE" action figure complete with a gun that made noise, silver briefcase, attachable sword, pistol, and I want to say he had a stand but I'm not entirely certain. I loved that toy so much and my love of G.I. JOE began in earnest after that.

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