Monday, December 26, 2011

Respite for the Week.

Despite it being the Christmas weekend and having nothing to do why I am so tired, I am so glad that the weekend is over. For some odd reason this weekend seemed so long and that it was taking forever for it to be over. Thank God it is the end of Monday and that my much deserved days off have finally arrived. Work went...fairly well. This one SED was literally acting nuts. He was doing all kinds of sexual gestures and laughing hysterically about it, also while he threw stuff at me. Eventually he told me that he was angry and wanted attention and to tell someone about the dreams that he had. So I sat down and listened to the 9 and a half dreams he had about flying sharks, flying snakes, lots and lots of violence, and stories about how he was gradually aging during the dreams. It was very weird and strange, and I sat there and listened for at least 30 minutes straight without talking as he chatted away like a parrot. Eventually he calmed down and was fine for the rest of the evening thank goodness. Other than that the night was good and fortunately uneventful. I would like to say thank you to my co-worker Olympia for getting me this fantastic black scarf that helped keep me warm tonight as I drove home. There may not be snow in San Diego, and it might even get up to 78 degrees during the day in the sun, but at night it sure feels like I am Wisconsin or Illinois again.

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