Saturday, December 3, 2011


Work today was certainly interesting that is for sure, although the really interesting part didn't come until the very end when we had a meeting. What was said was both clear as mud and as obvious as big sunglasses on someone's face. Feeling a lot of negative "vibes" from my place of employment lately, which is making me think about where I want to go with my life. Sadly though for now, it seems that things are where they are supposed to be, at least for now. The SED's were fine though, although one of them was tantruming for a good 45 minutes for no apparent reason of course. Got home and did whatever. Was looking on Netflix and saw that James Bond "Goldeneye" was on the list for things that could be viewed instantly. It was actually one of the last Bond films I saw (not counting the ones with Daniel Craig); I had seen every other Bond film, mostly, except that one until about five years or so ago when I saw it with a friend. My father started me out with James Bond at Tomorrow Never Dies which is my second favorite Bond film, Casino Royale being the first. Godeneye was actually pretty good; Martin Campbell did an excellent job breathing new life into the franchise which lasted until The World is Not Enough, which signaled a downturn until Daniel Craig became the new Bond character (a vast improvement). Had a long chat with my mother about politics, people, family, and friends which was quite lovely; still trying to figure out a Christmas present for her though. So last night I forgot to write about the two things I said that I was going to; I did however predict a chance that I probably was going to forget so tonight you are going to get four things. 1st.......the Christmas Presents memories. For number one, one year a sister of mine got me two Harry Potter wands (Voldemort's and Sanpe's), glue and the film A Simple Wish (very funny Martin Short comedy film). I was so amazingly happy, but my very religious far right sister and her husband looked on in great discomfort and reproach; it was actually quite funny, even though it shouldn't be. For memory number two, I got a John Williams' Greatest Hits CD that he signed himself, with pictures of him actually signing it, and a certificate that states that it was signed. Perhaps one day it will become quite a collector's item. Moving onto the facts & myths of Christmas here is what I was saying about an impoverished man born of a virgin celebrated on December 25. His faith (which included brotherhood, a pure moral code, and the promise of eternal life) was shared widely by Roman soldiers who spread it throughout Europe. His name was Mithras. In Mithraism, December 25 is known as "Dies Natali Invictis Solis," otherwise know as 'The Birthday of the Unconquered Sun.' Fact/Myth number two: Anglo-Saxon's called December 25th "Geol" (a common midwinter festival) which was the precursor to "Yule." The rest of it is really long so I'm going to try and put it in tomorrow maybe, or I'll save that until Tuesday when I will most likely have time and energy to write it all down. That's all everyone; have a great rest of the weekend.

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