Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mind Your Surroundings.

Well today was just lovely. I was able to get a lot of writing done; I think I was able to do almost five hours straight of writing before finishing up for dinner, which I made myself breakfast while also simultaneously making two loaves pumpkin bread, that turned out delightfully. After all of that I sat down and watched Batman Begins; I for some odd reason felt compelled to watch that film, and I enjoyed it immensely. I think now that I have seen both that one and The Dark Knight along with some of Christopher Nolan's other films, I like it better. After seeing the teaser trailer and poster for The Dark Knight Rises that might have inspired me as well. I'm going to jump on my political soap box for a moment and suggest that everyone keep the people of Syria in their prayers as they battle and fight for their freedom against President Assad and his oppressive government. Many nations have stepped up their support against that oppressive regime, and I only hope that the current Syrian government will heed the calls of its people, and stop the bloodshed of civilians. I would also like to say that it is nice that Vladimir Putin is getting some challenges in his bid for another term as President; I really hope that the people of Russia are able to continue to have a free country run by the people and for the people like every nation of the world should.....at least in my opinion. Okay there's my political soap box for today. If it wasn't for this blasted cold virus I would have had such a fantastic day, but having my sinuses completely blocked to where I can't breathe through my nose makes me so irate. While I was cruising through my favorite site for film news I found out some little tidbits. George Lucas has figured out an idea and or story for Indiana Jones V; he just needs to find the MacGuffin (crystal skull, ark of the covenant, holy grail, shankara stones). Men in Black III has a trailer as does G.I. JOE: Retaliation. Both films look like they could be decent, I am expecting nothing from MIB III, since the second film was a complete waste of time; I think my father and I both fell asleep in the theatre during it. It does have an interesting plot point thought which should be interesting to see how they explore that. As for the latest JOE film.....I'm very ambivalent about it. I loved the cast from the first film, and am rather disappointed about Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis being in this film. It looks as if it will be good, but I'm not going to have any expectations. Christmas present memory for tonight is when my sister Paula got me a lovely glass chess set, along with backgammon and checkers. I still have that set and all of the pieces in pristine shape; the only unfortunate thing is that I have no one to play chess with. My family got tired of me beating them.

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