Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Little Bit of Galactic History.

I can only imagine what all of you are thinking as you begin to read this blog. Doesn't the author of this blog have better things to do with his time? You may actually be partially correct, but there is something I discovered while going to breakfast with a friend this morning while listening to The Duel of Fates from John Williams' score for The Phantom Menace; anything Star Wars related breathes fire into my imagination unlike anything else on this planet. I don't know what it is about this epic mythic saga that captures my enthusiasm and creative powers so enticingly, but I love it. It is an escapists true dream, and the creators of Star Wars paraphernalia feed this escape of mine. Whether or not it is healthy, I know not; but it is a whole lot of fun and gives me a lot of ideas to write my own stuff. In the end, I'd say it's worth being labeled some sort of geek, or nerd whatever the term is these days. Any ways I finished reading the book Revan today, which is pretty much all I did (hence why no writing got done). I simply decided that I wanted to finish reading the book and that is precisely what I did. I was very thankful that the book finally got interesting and then it was so enticing that I couldn't put it down. If you know very little about the Old Republic or the Sith, then it might not have seemed very interesting, but for me learning about the ancient Sith lords was intoxicating. It's difficult to explain my fascination with the dark side and the Lords of the Sith, but I have always enjoyed the darker side of life and the supposed villains since I was at least five years old. Anyways. The book was good, but not great. Drew Karpyshyn's Darth Bane Trilogy was far better, but it was good to hear a little bit about Darth Revan and Darth Malak, along with the Sith Emperor. Below are some videos discussing the timeline of the fantastical, and unfortunately made up world that I thought could be interesting. There is also a trailer for Ridley Scott's new film Prometheus; it looks quite promising, I just hope it isn't exctly like Alien. Tonight I have an actual Christmas Present memory to share which actually happened tonight. Granted this didn't occur on Christmas day, but as I will be working all day on that day now is as good as ever. My father sent me box containing the following: a mug, probably fourteen magnets, a screwdriver, a Swiss army knife like thing, a shirt from the country of Columbia, a bag of chocolate, and a note with a check for money (I think that was it). I actually asked for the magnets, because I hadn't a clue how difficult it would be to obtain magnets, but now my refrigerator is covered with them. He actually then called later on and we chatted for a bit surprisingly, but for him Christmas doesn't come until he flies off to Columbia on December 30th and doesn't return until almost the end of January. He mentioned something about being on the coast of that country with some young beautiful woman for about a week or a weekend. Hope he has fun. Well work begins again tomorrow, and I hope everyone enjoyed the Winter Solstice.

The Fall of Revan and Malak


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