Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Let's Put a Smile on That Face!"

Wow! What a day it was. I think finally around 7:15pm I was actually able to breathe and relax after working on various projects throughout the day. I marathoned writing today for about five and a half hours straight through, and boy was that nuts. That took so much discipline and willpower to sit there for that many hours and finish my project, but the good news is that I am completely done with phase 2 of latest writing project. Hopefully phase 3 will be starting soon and then I can for certain reveal what the whole writing project was about. It was a lot of work getting it to that point, but I did it and hopefully soon I can enjoy the rewards of all of my hard work. The rest and relaxation that I will be getting will certainly be wonderful, and well needed since I have been sick all week. The nose cleared up for half of the day then went to being completely congested all over again; I am almost ready to pull my hair out. I didn't even feel like I got any days off this week. Aside from writing, I was able to bake my molasses cookies which turned out alright; a little more harder than I think they're supposed to be, but hey it was my first time making them. I also made my chocolate cheesecake, which didn't turn out perfectly as my previous one did for a number of reasons. First, I tried to melt the chocolate chips in the microwave. I'm NEVER doing that again, nor do I advise other to do that; double boiler over the stove is much more safer. It wasn't until the microwave had beeped that I noticed the plumage of smoke coming from inside. My chocolate had melted, but some of it had also burned and was filling my entire apartment with the scent of burnt chocolate; not really that appetizing. Anyways, I had to kind of replace the chocolate with something else and hope that it worked out alright. Secondly, my oven is evil and for some reason cooks cheesecake more quickly than anything else, but this time I caught it before hopefully it became an issue. If my oven was actually decent, I wouldn't have half of the baking problems that I've had. People, make sure you get a good, well calibrated oven. Once I was able to relax, I watched The Dark Knight since I had just recently watched Batman Begins. I suppose seeing the teaser trailer and new poster for The Dark Knight Rises gave me the desire to watch the old ones. I like both of the films, and aren't quite certain which one I like better; Christopher Nolan is a fantastic filmmaker, but what sets him apart from most of his colleagues is that he is also a keen storyteller, which is far more important. Before I forget again, today's Christmas memory is "Mr. Stretch" or the "Incredible Mr. Stretch" I can't remember which name it was. My parents got me this doll/action figure of sorts that was made out of this material that you could pull and "stretch" really far. He had hardened, plastic, blonde hair, a black tank top, and black shorts. He was a lot of fun; I liked to put him in the freezer until he was frozen and then play with him as he slowly thawed. He ended up having a rather messy ending if I recall correctly; some of my toys didn't have a very good survival rate. So there ya have folks; nine more days essentially to get your Christmas shopping done, although I hope that you've sent out your Christmas cards already. Work begins tomorrow, so I'm off to bed, and hopefully tomorrow this cold be on its final stages of plaguing my body.

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