Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Do Believe in Fairy's!

Today I was able to get a mixture of fun, play, and work accomplished. I keep finding out that I am more productive when I get up earlier. Now if it wasn't so cold I would be able to get up even earlier, but because I don't want to freeze I stay underneath the warm covers. I got quite a bit of writing done today. First I was working on that major project that I have been writing away like a mad man since the beginning of October and I got a lot of that done. Then I did a review of the Camelot Soundtrack that I got the other day. Mychael & Jeff Danna composed the music, and although I'm not aware of his brother, Mychael is an excellent emerging film composer. His score for the film The Nativity Story is a huge favorite of mine. I really enjoyed the score and believe that if you like that kind of music then you'll like this. At dinner time I watched Peter Pan, but not the Disney version, instead I watched the "people version" from 2003 starring Jason Isaacs as Captain James Hook and Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan (who looks astoundingly grown up ironically that many years later). Watching the film gave me a few story ideas, but overall it was quite enjoyable, although I would have done several things differently. The music, visuals, and how much fun it was made me give it an "Admirable Ability"; there were a lot of awkward moments along with plot and story elements that didn't make much sense to me. It's creative imagination thought just astounds me, and hopefully I will be able to think up something as clever as that one day. The Christmas present memory for today is.............pajamas! Yes what would Christmas be without getting a pair of Pirates of the Caribbean pajamas, which I got from my sisters Christina and still to this day wear. The bottoms are actually quite comfortable, although they seem to be getting a little short as of late. Back to the working grindstone tomorrow, but fortunately the SED's will be going to school.

The Main Titles Theme from the Showtime Original Series "Camelot."

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