Monday, December 5, 2011

Frosted San Diego.

I know it isn't as cold as it is in other places of the world, but I have gotten used to the mild winters and warm weather pretty much all year round here in San Diego. It has been fairly glacial lately, so much so that I didn't want to get out of bed this morning because it was so cold. It reminded me of when I lived in Wisconsin when our family lived on an old farm house in the country; I room (which was upstairs) had no heat vent/duct. I had to sleep with about a foot of blankets, and during the day sometimes I would play with my toys with gloves on; but I loved that house so much. There were a lot of good memories. Work today went very well; I made some more snowflakes today and am on a roll to get the whole cottage finished soon; I was told that it looked like a Swiss winter wonderland tonight before I left. Another lovely Christmas present that I got one year was a Star Wars computer game called Rebellion. It was strategy based and a whole lot of fun; I actually still play it now and the game came out in 1998 or so I believe. I was so looking forward to getting that game, and I once got up at 7am and played the game straight through until about 4pm or so. Fortunately I got a whole lot more discipline as I got older with how I utilized my computer game playing time. Time for my days off, and thank goodness; I am quite exhausted.

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