Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fiddling as I Falling Asleep.

As I type this post I am falling asleep. After not sleeping well for two nights in a row, it is all beginning to catch up with me, that and getting up around 6am, which I will be doing yet again tomorrow. I am working a double tomorrow because more money is always helpful, and I am helping out a co-worker by filling in for her. It was an okay day at work, although I felt like I was going non-stop for all day; that might also be why I am so tired. Finished watching Goldfinger and then I was on the computer for a bit and then for some odd reason I wanted to watch Fiddler on the Roof, which I did as I tried not to fall asleep. Now even though it's kind of early for me I'm giving up and going to bed and hopefully I sleep long and well. Have a great weekend everyone, and my Christmas present memory for tonight is Mein Kamph, which if you are familiar with 20th century history you will know that is the title of Adolph Hitler's book and manifesto which he wrote while imprisoned after he attempted to overthrow the Bavarian government. It means I believe "My Struggle." My sister Paula got it for me, along with a book about the "SS," and although I have never read through all of Mein Kamph it is interesting to peruse the thoughts of a mad political genius. It was poorly written, and even Hitler himself admitted that years later. By the way I enjoy WWII history, particularly the rise of Nazism and how it influenced the socio-political minds around it as well as the psychology of how an entire nation could fall under the spell of one man. Very fascinating topics, at least if you like that kind of history. Also found this new picture/film poster of the long anticipated finale of Christopher Nolan's Batman Saga; looks like it should be good.

I love this song from this film; John Williams did such a fantastic job adapting the music for the film. I think it is some of his greatest work ever, despite it not being his own original compositions.

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