Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Enough of the World.

I don't know if today still lives on in infamy, but for those that perished approximately 70 years ago at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941 when the Imperial Japanese bombed the U.S. Navy, this day will forever retain its potent memorability. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the veterans of the U.S. military and the active service members as well; all of you men and women continue to be brave despite facing certain death and dishonor amongst your own people. God bless and be with you all. I cannot say that my day was anything but infamous. I did quite a bit of writing and would have done more, but I was getting sick of it all and decided at that point it was probably a good thing to stop otherwise what I was reviewing would end up sucking. When you do something in writing just to get it done and over with, you tend to miss things and miss out on problems that if you had been carefully paying attention to would have been easily averted the first time around. Anyways. For dinner I was yet again in a James Bond mood and watched "The World is Not Enough" which wasn't Pierce Brosnan's best Bond film, but it wasn't his worst; I think Die Another Day has that spot reserved. The plot and story of the film were good, and I even liked the villains; but as always the dialog had so much to be desired from, especially from Bond and his playgirls. I give it an "Admirable Ability" which I think is fairly good assessment of it's quality, or lack thereof. It was nice to see "Q" in his last film, and I am referring to the original "Q" Desmond Llewelyn of course. Even though John Cleese did an excellent replacement, there usually is nothing like the original. Towards the end of the night I checked my mail and discovered that my shipment from arrived which included: a DVD of a Don Giovanni performance, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Camelot score, Captain America score, Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Ballet music, and Il Divo's latest album "Wicked Game." All of that should keep me and my website busy for a while, at least until I can get back to writing original stories after this current writing project is done. A Christmas present memory for today is when I got a fencing sword from my father. It's really long, with a rather ornate and large basket around the....handle for lack of the appropriate term. I still have it looking as good as new, and it is a lovely decoration in my living room. Did I mention that I love swords.

Saw this film trailer of Iranian make and it actually looks good, and apparently it is getting a lot of critical acclaim.

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