Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baking and Writing with a Virus in Tow.

Now it's not as bad as all of that. My nose is stuffed up more then....well a Thanksgiving turkey. It sucks most though when I'm trying to eat and I can't breathe because I'm chewing and no air is coming through my nostrils. I give up after this year, for next year every time after that I am getting a flu shot; this darn irritating and vexing cold virus is something I am completely over. Aside from battling the cold today, I was able to get quite a bit of writing done much to my happiness. I was also able to do a lot of baking; tis the season for baking apparently. I made two loaves of cranberry bread because Target finally was selling cranberries, so of course I got about six bags of them. I haven't tasted it yet but it looks quite tasty. I also made a key lime cheesecake for Friday to celebrate one of the SED's being discharged; tomorrow I'm going to make the chocolate cheesecake, and some molasses cookies which I made the dough this evening, and I am also making peanut butter cookies for the SED who is being discharged. People always ask me why I'm not a baker professionally, and I haven't a clue what to say other then I've never thought of it that way before; I just like to make everything myself so that I know that it tastes good, or at least know that it sucks and am responsible for that sucky taste. Well I didn't do anything else today that interesting, nor did I actually have the time. Well have a good night everyone and I hope that my blasted immune system can fight off this wretched virus. Oh one thing that I would like to mention; if you would like to support a struggling writer that would rather be doing a whole lot more writing than he actually is, please click on the ads you see on my blog and website. Thanks.

Oh crap! Sorry I had to come back and add this little addendum, and I can blame being sick for least this time. Christmas present memory time and for today we have a Star Trek watch that my grandparents (maternal) gave me. It was actually suppose to be a collectible watch, but I wore it anyways. It was from the original series and had a button on it which played the theme. One time during church I accidentally pressed the button, of course when things were completely silent and hence everyone was staring at me as I endeavored to sit on myself to get it to be quiet. It is actually quite humorous to recall.

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