Thursday, December 29, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen Herr Fuhrer.

Did I ever mention that I love the German language; there is something so very cool and powerful about someone who speaks that language. I don't mean much by the blog title, but I did watch an incredible film tonight called Downfall which was about the last few days of Adolph Hitler and the fall of the Nazi Third Reich. I give it a "Strong Ability;" I almost give it a Super Ability for a rating, but it wasn't perfect yet so close because it was that good. There are many things that I could say about the content of this film as many of you are aware of my penchant for the historical film genre, for WWII, and Nazi Germany. Regardless of all of that, it was an excellent film, and the portrayal of Hitler by Bruno Ganz was exceptional. All of the characters: Herr Speer, Minister Goebbels, Secretary Bormann, Field Marshal Jodl, Field Marshal Keitel, Eva Braun, and Himmler were just like the people that they represented. It was interesting to see the loyal fanaticism to Hitler that played out until the very end of the war in Europe, what lengths people went to do things for him. Those people at that time were so brainwashed that they truly loved him. This is a great segue into what you're seeing in North Korea right now as Kim Jong Il; some people are faking and therefore happy to see him go, others genuinely grieve for this butchering demagogue, very similar to what Adolph Hitler was. Except now this butcher receives a king's burial and honor; fortunately Hitler received his just earthly reward, and both him and Kim Jong Il are currently receiving their eternal.....rewards for their actions while on this planet. Bummer for them. Anyways Downfall was really great, and they actually had some interview attached to the film from one Hitler's personal secretaries up until his very death. One of the last things on the film is this woman, Traudl Junge, explaining what she felt when the horrible things that happened to the Jews and others came out during the Nuremberg trials. Others and her initially convinced herself that she was a young follower and that it wasn't her fault that she got swept up into the frenzy and didn't know what the Nazis were doing to the Jews. She thinks this way until she reads about a Jewish girl that was born the same year as her, and was executed when she began working for Herr Hitler. She then knew that she had no excuse despite her age. I think this is very practical for now; most American adults that are older giver younger adults, 18-26 on average, the excuse that it's alright if they make mistakes and act childish "they're so young, they don't need to care about the cares of this world yet, let them enjoy their youth." I wonder how much that is beginning to paralyze our culture, our country, and our conscience.

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