Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Absence of Busyness.

It was fantastic to sleep in and wake up leisurely, although I wish I could have done the same thing while showering. For some odd reason ever since it's gotten colder whenever I take a shower the water is really hot, and then upon cranking the shower on it stays hot and then gets cold. I have to turn the shower off, let the water get hot again, and then turn the shower back on. This routine tends to be how I've been taking my showers lately and I'm not certain what the heck the problem is since I've never had a single problem here with hot water before. At least I can take showers though, that is my bright side. Still blowing my nose with an occasionally sore throat, but I think that I am in fact getting better, or my body is leading me into a false sense of security. I did absolutely nothing today and it was wonderful. I almost went and saw a film but decided against it. I had a call from a good friend of mine out of the blue which was a wonderful God send surprise after this rather dismal Christmas holiday, and it looks as if we might be hanging out this week sometime. See I do have somewhat of a social life on occasion. I played Empire: Total War, Red Alert 3 and watched a few episodes of Brothers & Sisters while I ate dinner. Sounds so exciting I know, but after this past long weekend nothing but interacting with a computer is precisely what I needed; human interaction is highly overrated. If animals could talk intelligently (especially dogs) then none of us would ever get married, have children, or hang out in bars. Sounds a bit odd I know, but in my defense I hang out with crazy children a lot.

Catching up to get prepared for Underworld Awakening. The film looks like it might not be very good, but I'll still see it anyways when it comes out in January 2012! Hope the world doesn't end before I see it, along with The Phantom Menace in 3-D.

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