Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ushering in the New Year!

For many people across the world the new year has already begun as few remaining few close out the old year. So far all of us are still around and no shattering catastrophe has occurred yet, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed just in case. 2011 wasn't a really bad year, so I'm not per se looking forward to 2012 with any special significance. For me I personally think that 2012 is going to be a big year to remember, but that is all idle perceptions at the moment; things that I hope for. Some of the biggest moments/highlights for me this past year were getting my own apartment, watching my website and blog grow exponentially, and vacationing in Montana with my good friend Jeremy. A lot of angering, vexing, exciting, and sad things happened this year that to name them would seem to take forever. I continue to look forward to the future in the hope that one day all of my current labors will not have been in vain. A brief mention about my last day of word for 2011; it was okay and not very bad at all. However, right near the end of my shift this one SED decides to be a rude, mouthy punk that acts and talks like he could take out a gang banger, but my granny could knock his lights out with ease. After getting him into his room with some effort, he was threatening to bruise me up bad, break my knees, and told me that I didn't want to see "the evil witch" come out of him. I tried not to laugh several times because this kid thinks he's all of that and a bag of chips when in reality he has nothing to even brag about at all; he eventually figured that I wasn't joking around and settled down and was fine (aside from being rude) right up until I left. He's an evil SOB though. After I got home I discovered some scratches on my arms from him, and fortunately they're not very serious. So in turn as I finish up the last blog for 2011, I'd like to thank all of my readers and I would like to also wish all of them a terrific New Year and hope that their experiences teach them many things, and that all of us remember that even the harshest of teachers can become the greatest fountains of inspiration and success. God bless and watch over us all.

I was thinking of a song for the end of the year, and although it isn't bombastic and celebratory Enya's May it Be seemed like a fitting set of lyrics (although I don't know the elvish ones) for such an occasion as ending a year and beginning a New Year, one where all things may be something more than we expect.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost the End.

Well there is essentially only one day left of 2011, hopefully not the end of the world. I don't know what 2012 is going to be like, but there are certainly going to be a lot of good films coming out next year. Such a trivial thing I know, but one has to look forward to something interesting like a hobby to keep the mind how much frequently life sucks and what not. Work was fine I suppose. I had this one nutty SED scream and tantrum like a banshee, kick the wall, and then attempt to pick up a table and topple it only because I said that she couldn't do something. Other then that and when I thought a couple of boys were going to beat each other to a living pulp, nothing really bad happened. It's amazing what kind of strange and neurotic one can come accustom to; I wonder how that's going to affect my outlook on life for the remainder of it. Came home and did nothing. Now it's time for some rest and a little bit of reading, and the great thing about this weekend is no doubles! I am so thankful for that; I haven't a clue how I did back to back doubles for almost a year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen Herr Fuhrer.

Did I ever mention that I love the German language; there is something so very cool and powerful about someone who speaks that language. I don't mean much by the blog title, but I did watch an incredible film tonight called Downfall which was about the last few days of Adolph Hitler and the fall of the Nazi Third Reich. I give it a "Strong Ability;" I almost give it a Super Ability for a rating, but it wasn't perfect yet so close because it was that good. There are many things that I could say about the content of this film as many of you are aware of my penchant for the historical film genre, for WWII, and Nazi Germany. Regardless of all of that, it was an excellent film, and the portrayal of Hitler by Bruno Ganz was exceptional. All of the characters: Herr Speer, Minister Goebbels, Secretary Bormann, Field Marshal Jodl, Field Marshal Keitel, Eva Braun, and Himmler were just like the people that they represented. It was interesting to see the loyal fanaticism to Hitler that played out until the very end of the war in Europe, what lengths people went to do things for him. Those people at that time were so brainwashed that they truly loved him. This is a great segue into what you're seeing in North Korea right now as Kim Jong Il; some people are faking and therefore happy to see him go, others genuinely grieve for this butchering demagogue, very similar to what Adolph Hitler was. Except now this butcher receives a king's burial and honor; fortunately Hitler received his just earthly reward, and both him and Kim Jong Il are currently receiving their eternal.....rewards for their actions while on this planet. Bummer for them. Anyways Downfall was really great, and they actually had some interview attached to the film from one Hitler's personal secretaries up until his very death. One of the last things on the film is this woman, Traudl Junge, explaining what she felt when the horrible things that happened to the Jews and others came out during the Nuremberg trials. Others and her initially convinced herself that she was a young follower and that it wasn't her fault that she got swept up into the frenzy and didn't know what the Nazis were doing to the Jews. She thinks this way until she reads about a Jewish girl that was born the same year as her, and was executed when she began working for Herr Hitler. She then knew that she had no excuse despite her age. I think this is very practical for now; most American adults that are older giver younger adults, 18-26 on average, the excuse that it's alright if they make mistakes and act childish "they're so young, they don't need to care about the cares of this world yet, let them enjoy their youth." I wonder how much that is beginning to paralyze our culture, our country, and our conscience.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Men Who Hate Women....

...or what is better known as The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I actually convinced myself to go see it this morning, and I was surprised to see as many people in the theatre as there were. Oh the title is actually a translation of the real title of the book; the marketers changed it for American audiences. Personally I think the original title has more to do with the plot of the film than the American one. I gave it a rating of "Strong Ability," because it was overall a very well produced and made film like The Black Swan, but like that film there were several things that I disliked about this film. Very hyper-sexual, and there is a vicious rape scene along with oral sex (very awkward to see all of that in a theatre especially with a really elderly couple sitting right in front of me.) Apparently, Stieg Larsson (author of the books the film is based off of) witnessed a gang rape of a girl when he was 15 or 16 years old, and it apparently haunted him forever and the fact that he couldn't do anything to stop it, or he chose not to (social psychology the power of situation). I guess that would bother me too at that age, but anyways. There was just a lot of flagrant sex which impeded on the plot and story line, which was not boring and always on the move; the film had excellent pace. I suppose it all comes down to taste, and despite being well made this just wasn't my taste exactly, but I'm overjoyed for of those who really like the film. The rest of the day I was completely lazy and didn't do anything productive even though I was planning on something. There was some writing to get done, but I'm enjoying my Christmas vacation so much that I don't want it to end. Oh well. There is tomorrow, and I can't believe it is Thursday already; times flies and the year is almost over. Soon the world will come to an end in 2012, which I still have to see that film sometime.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Absence of Busyness.

It was fantastic to sleep in and wake up leisurely, although I wish I could have done the same thing while showering. For some odd reason ever since it's gotten colder whenever I take a shower the water is really hot, and then upon cranking the shower on it stays hot and then gets cold. I have to turn the shower off, let the water get hot again, and then turn the shower back on. This routine tends to be how I've been taking my showers lately and I'm not certain what the heck the problem is since I've never had a single problem here with hot water before. At least I can take showers though, that is my bright side. Still blowing my nose with an occasionally sore throat, but I think that I am in fact getting better, or my body is leading me into a false sense of security. I did absolutely nothing today and it was wonderful. I almost went and saw a film but decided against it. I had a call from a good friend of mine out of the blue which was a wonderful God send surprise after this rather dismal Christmas holiday, and it looks as if we might be hanging out this week sometime. See I do have somewhat of a social life on occasion. I played Empire: Total War, Red Alert 3 and watched a few episodes of Brothers & Sisters while I ate dinner. Sounds so exciting I know, but after this past long weekend nothing but interacting with a computer is precisely what I needed; human interaction is highly overrated. If animals could talk intelligently (especially dogs) then none of us would ever get married, have children, or hang out in bars. Sounds a bit odd I know, but in my defense I hang out with crazy children a lot.

Catching up to get prepared for Underworld Awakening. The film looks like it might not be very good, but I'll still see it anyways when it comes out in January 2012! Hope the world doesn't end before I see it, along with The Phantom Menace in 3-D.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Respite for the Week.

Despite it being the Christmas weekend and having nothing to do why I am so tired, I am so glad that the weekend is over. For some odd reason this weekend seemed so long and that it was taking forever for it to be over. Thank God it is the end of Monday and that my much deserved days off have finally arrived. Work went...fairly well. This one SED was literally acting nuts. He was doing all kinds of sexual gestures and laughing hysterically about it, also while he threw stuff at me. Eventually he told me that he was angry and wanted attention and to tell someone about the dreams that he had. So I sat down and listened to the 9 and a half dreams he had about flying sharks, flying snakes, lots and lots of violence, and stories about how he was gradually aging during the dreams. It was very weird and strange, and I sat there and listened for at least 30 minutes straight without talking as he chatted away like a parrot. Eventually he calmed down and was fine for the rest of the evening thank goodness. Other than that the night was good and fortunately uneventful. I would like to say thank you to my co-worker Olympia for getting me this fantastic black scarf that helped keep me warm tonight as I drove home. There may not be snow in San Diego, and it might even get up to 78 degrees during the day in the sun, but at night it sure feels like I am Wisconsin or Illinois again.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Well I hope that everyone's Christmas was fun filled with pleasant memories and lots of good food. Mine was ah.....well not quite like that. Fortunately an SED didn't try to attack me, but there were a few times when some of the SED's were getting a little wound up and irritable. I didn't have any good food, which sucked, but there were times when I was enjoying myself. At one point I was tossing a football around with one of the SED's out in the gorgeous sunny weather when it was warm, and what was nice was that the kid was following directions well and not causing a single problem and had so much positive enthusiasm. It actually felt like a normal moment with a normal great kid; those are the times when you remember that your job in this field is all worth it just to experience moments like that. Other than that I can't say that much happened today of any great interest, at least that I can remember. I worked all day and just got back home a few minutes ago. I feel quite blah, but I still have work tomorrow. I cannot wait for Tuesday! I'd liked to say merry Christmas to all of my wonderful family: Dad, Mom, Christina, Paula, Cindy, Gabe, Aiden, Paul, and Elyse as well as my remaining extended family. And to my close friends: Jared, Jeremy, Vanessa, Victoria, Danny, Joshua, Emily, Jill, Olympia, Marcos, Charlie, Jennifer, and David as well as the other close friends that I am suddenly forgetting. I love all of you very much, and my life would suck so very much without all of you, or the love, care, wisdom and guidance that you have provided me with over the years. I am indebted to all of you. Goodnight.

I thought that this would be a fitting song for Christmas sung by Andrea Bocelli from A Christmas Carol.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Veni, Veni Immanuel.

"Fear not, for behold I bring you great tidings of good joy which shall be for all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord." Luke Chapter 2:10-11

On this Christmas Eve for the year 2011 I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. May God be with each of you and your families as you celebrate, or choose to not celebrate this timeless event. This morning I so didn't want to get up for work as it was freezing out and I was also still quite sleepy. I got going to work eventually, although my heart skipped a beat when I saw frost on the grass. I'm in Southern California and I feel like I am experiencing a winter day in Wisconsin! Who'd ever have thunk'ed it. Despite pouting, a lot of weird and strange behavior, whining, and occasional grumpy behavior the SED's were fine. Tomorrow should be....well, fun isn't quite the word that would give an apt description so I guess long will have to suffice. I don't know why I said I would work a double tomorrow; I suppose I'm a glutton for pain and money, along with a general lack of desire to sleep. That was all sarcasm by the way, I actually love sleep more than I enjoy food. After getting off of work I got back to my apartment and fiddled around for a bit and then made myself some dinner. Considering it was Christmas Eve I decided to make myself breakfast. I had eggs, biscuits, sausage, cranberry juice and water. After I was done eating, I opened up a bottle of sparkling grape juice (excellent vintage by the way) and after making a toast to God I watched The Nativity Story. I love that film because it feels very real to me for several reasons. I grew up watching films with a Christian bent, but they always seemed cheap and ingenuine (appearing very western like), but this film looked very much like the real thing as did the people. The music (composed by Mychael Danna) was fantastic, I liked the characters, which was another reason why I liked the film so much; all of the characters or rather Mary and Joseph were likable and you could empathize and connect with them. I also have to admit that seeing a representation of Jewish temple and hearing Hebrew spoken is always heart stirring for me. After viewing that I watched Mickey's Christmas Carol which I have watched ever since I was at least four years old that I can remember. I love that film, the characters and all that it represents. Not to mention because of that book, written by Charles Dickens, I was able to play the main Character Mr. Scrooge (that was so much fun) in a high school Christmas play. Well merry Christmas to tall, and to all a good night.

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace good will towards mankind!"

Mickey's Christmas Carol

Friday, December 23, 2011

"I'll Have a Sandwich Please."

"If you're trying to frighten me, you're doing a first rate job." Yes I just finished watching a wonderfully well written comedy starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and Water Matthau called Charade. Those quotes were from the film. Hollywood made a horrendous rewrite of the film starring Thandie Newton and a few others called The Truth About Charlie. The original from 1963 was much better and a whole lot more amusing, at least in my opinion as usual; you however can decide for yourself, but with that cast can there really be any doubt? Well work went....well I suppose. I continue to hack, gag, spit and blow because of this wretched cold (sorry if that was a little too graphic), but other than that it wasn't too bad. This one SED tantrumed for about an hour and a half and I got the wonderful pleasure of dealing with him; lucky me. I was actually surprised that I was actually able to calm him down and refocus his attention on what he was supposed to be doing, but I guess that is why I am good at my job. During the film I made some more cranberry bread for a co-worker of mine for her family get together on Christmas Day, and it turned out rather delicious looking. In a nutshell that was my day. Christmas present memory for today is Fluffy. One of my sets of grandparents got me a rather large Coca-Cola stuffed polar bear when I was about ten I believe and I named him fluffy. He is actually still with me sitting above my shelf of books. He traveled with me from Illinois to California in the front passenger seat, and he also appeared in one of my "Brainstorming Author" videos on Youtube. Some Christmas presents last for a moment, some last for a lifetime. Have a fantastic Christmas weekend everyone as I will be working all the way through it.

You've got to love these old trailers.

Another Galactic History lesson on the battle of Bothawui during the Sith Emperor's invasion of the Republic.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Little Bit of Galactic History.

I can only imagine what all of you are thinking as you begin to read this blog. Doesn't the author of this blog have better things to do with his time? You may actually be partially correct, but there is something I discovered while going to breakfast with a friend this morning while listening to The Duel of Fates from John Williams' score for The Phantom Menace; anything Star Wars related breathes fire into my imagination unlike anything else on this planet. I don't know what it is about this epic mythic saga that captures my enthusiasm and creative powers so enticingly, but I love it. It is an escapists true dream, and the creators of Star Wars paraphernalia feed this escape of mine. Whether or not it is healthy, I know not; but it is a whole lot of fun and gives me a lot of ideas to write my own stuff. In the end, I'd say it's worth being labeled some sort of geek, or nerd whatever the term is these days. Any ways I finished reading the book Revan today, which is pretty much all I did (hence why no writing got done). I simply decided that I wanted to finish reading the book and that is precisely what I did. I was very thankful that the book finally got interesting and then it was so enticing that I couldn't put it down. If you know very little about the Old Republic or the Sith, then it might not have seemed very interesting, but for me learning about the ancient Sith lords was intoxicating. It's difficult to explain my fascination with the dark side and the Lords of the Sith, but I have always enjoyed the darker side of life and the supposed villains since I was at least five years old. Anyways. The book was good, but not great. Drew Karpyshyn's Darth Bane Trilogy was far better, but it was good to hear a little bit about Darth Revan and Darth Malak, along with the Sith Emperor. Below are some videos discussing the timeline of the fantastical, and unfortunately made up world that I thought could be interesting. There is also a trailer for Ridley Scott's new film Prometheus; it looks quite promising, I just hope it isn't exctly like Alien. Tonight I have an actual Christmas Present memory to share which actually happened tonight. Granted this didn't occur on Christmas day, but as I will be working all day on that day now is as good as ever. My father sent me box containing the following: a mug, probably fourteen magnets, a screwdriver, a Swiss army knife like thing, a shirt from the country of Columbia, a bag of chocolate, and a note with a check for money (I think that was it). I actually asked for the magnets, because I hadn't a clue how difficult it would be to obtain magnets, but now my refrigerator is covered with them. He actually then called later on and we chatted for a bit surprisingly, but for him Christmas doesn't come until he flies off to Columbia on December 30th and doesn't return until almost the end of January. He mentioned something about being on the coast of that country with some young beautiful woman for about a week or a weekend. Hope he has fun. Well work begins again tomorrow, and I hope everyone enjoyed the Winter Solstice.

The Fall of Revan and Malak


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can't Smile Without You.

I can't believe it is the end of Wednesday already. The cold is still clinging on for it's existence; I swear this cold has an intelligence of its own, and it's beginning to vex me greatly. I was blowing my nose all day long, and just actually went to go blow it again a moment ago. Didn't get any writing done today as I decided to relax and take it easy, although I did some household chores like laundry and washing dishes. I actually sat down to read this Star Wars book called "Revan" based off of The Knights of the Old Republic video game by Drew Karpyshyn. It is so far boring and not written the best, so I am hoping that it gets better. The weird thing was that right in the middle of when I began reading it I got so sleepy that I had to set it down and ended up taking an hour long nap. Not quite certain if that was because of the book or the Benadryl that I took earlier. Maybe I'll get some writing done tomorrow. I watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which is somewhat fitting since the first trailer for The Hobbit film came out yesterday. Guillermo del Toro was supposed to direct both Hobbit films but dropped out when the film production was stuck in limbo because of MGM's financial restructuring, which also delayed production for the next James Bond film as well (but that is now well under way it's called Skyfall for those who haven't been keeping up). I love the Hellboy films, and del Toro is a fantastic director with profound visual vision. Pan's Labyrinth was brilliant and fresh; a film that I would recommend all film goers to see. It's a shame that he was unable to direct the Hobbit films, but I guess it was meant to be. Now my sisters and I would frequently get board games for Christmas presents, one of the games that I got one year was Stratego which is a rather remarkable old strategy game that I loved to play, but often couldn't because no one in my family would play with me because all of them were tired of losing, or didn't want to. It was a shame, but perhaps there is an electronic version that I can play? I'll have to check that possibility out.

The trailer for Bryan Singer's latest film Jack the Giant Killer. It looks kind of bad, which is surprising since the director is a good one (mostly), but perhaps it'll be better after I've seen it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Game is Afoot! ( With The Hobbit Movie Trailer!)

One of the disadvantages that comes with working on Fridays is that I can no longer go see films when they first come out, but I was able to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I enjoyed it immensely and found it highly entertaining; something I would definitely see again several times. Aside from that, my day was rather uneventful. I was able to get a lot of relaxing and laziness in, which after last week I think is very well deserved. The wretched cold is still present and won't seem to go away for some odd reason. I'm not quite certain what to do, but perhaps my body will eventually fight it off. Some interesting news that has been circulating the world recently is the death of the infamous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Ill, although he probably isn't quite as infamous where he most likely is for the rest of his eternal existence. I think everyone should keep in mind the people of North Korea and hope that with this man's death, that perhaps their country may not be as hellish as it has been for well over 64 years, that maybe something good will happen to them with the change coming with Kim Jong Eun. It might be wishful thinking, but anything can happen and I really hope that those people get something pleasant; God Almighty knows they deserve it. God be with them all. This one Christmas, my parents got me these laser ray gun plastic toys which made all kinds of all electronic gun sounds. They were silver, and I think that I was about nine or ten years old. I can't really remember anything else about them, but they were really cool and I got a lot of good memories out of them. Speaking yet again of Christmas, there are only essentially four days left until Christmas Day itself! There is also another day coming soon; the Winter Solstice, which will be occurring on Thursday the 22nd. It usually occurs somewhere between December 21st-23rd; it happens on the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun's daily maximum elevation in the sky is the lowest. It is a very important day for Druidism, so if you are going to cast any spells, incantations, or create talismans that would be the day to do it (just be careful to follow the rituals correctly).

The new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises doesn't make all that much sense, but it certainly looks interesting. I can't wait to see how Christopher Nolan wraps everything up.

The sequel The Wrath of the Titans almost looks better than the first film, but I'll save my judgment until after I've seen the film. Definitely a whole lot more action.

WOW!!!!! I cannot wait to see this film! The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey looks amazing! And what an amazing cast as well. I'm glad this time to be aware that it is coming out long before it is actually coming out unlike The Fellowship of the Ring.

Monday, December 19, 2011

And There was Great Coughing.

All I have been doing throughout the day is coughing and blowing my nose, which is a great step in the right direction but an annoying one at best. Work went very well actually, despite one SED posturing violently at us and attempting to trash his room, but other than that one little hiccup everything proceeded as it should have. All of us got to see some new policies that the new bosses want to implement, and all I have to say is "huh?" They make little or no sense, worded very poorly, and have a grandiose notion of the amount of time that we the staff have went taking care up to nine SED children. It will be hell to see these new changes take effect. Oh well, at least I am still making money with a job that is utilizing my degree. I don't know how many of you remember or know what "slinkys" are, but one year I got this big, huge orange and white slinky and it was amazing. When you were able to get it to go down the stairs one step after the other, it was so cool. I think it was a stocking stuffer, but it was a fun Christmas present.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clearing Things Up.

I thought that it would be wise to get better before I get worse, so I called out sick today at work and did nothing pretty much all day but get rest and relaxation. I cleaned the apartment up a little bit since quite a mess had gathered over the past two days from not possessing any energy or willpower to clean. I recently got this computer game in the mail a couple days ago and thought that I'd reward myself after a hard week's work by playing it for a while. Empire Total War is a fun strategy game that takes place during the 18th century, but unlike several other Total War games, you can truly take over nigh the entire known world and one can possess quite an empire to do it. It's fun, can be educational, works my mind while I have fun, and there's a lot of good music and good ideas for stories for me to write up. During dinner I watched this one film called Ironclad that appeared recently on Netflix. It is a historical action drama that takes place during the 13th century after the signing of the Magna Carta. King John now wants his power back and he's willing to do everything he can to get it. According to my historical knowledge and sources, the general outline of the plot is correct, and some of the characters as well. James Purefoy is the main character Marshal and he does a fair job, although his character wasn't written as.....well....they could have given him a whole lot more to work with than just a former Templar Knight. He had a huge sword though; I believe the technical term is "bastard sword." Paul Giamatti as King John was at first a rather ridiculous notion until I saw him in action and get his hands dirty and then I knew he was the character, and I wish that they could have given him more to work with. Brian Cox played the Baron of Albany, and of course I don't even have to go into how well he did. Kate Mara played the love interest, Isabel, for Marshal but she annoyed me most of the time. She potentially had something good, but they didn't do anything with it. Derek Jacobi, Charles Dance, and Jason Flemyng were also in the film and did good jobs with their characters. It was probably the cast that saved this film from being a complete disappointment. The music by Lorne Balfe surprised me; he actually did a rather good job with the score. The director, Jonathan English, really liked his bloody and gory actions scenes I have admit. A number of times I looked away from the screen because it was just so raw and graphic. What I really liked about this film was that it depicted most likely (as well as a film can) how difficult it actually can be to take a castle despite the numerous forces one has. It was an action film driven by action and the historical drama that was unfolding. The story was good, but the screenplay needed a lot of help. I'm giving it a "Admirable Ability" for it did relatively well for what it was, but it could have been far better if they had taken the time to improve the screenplay, but I am also a sucker for the historical genre. After that I made a chocolate cake for my writing group Christmas party for tomorrow and some ginger cookie dough which I will make tomorrow morning. Now as for my Christmas present memory I actually spoke with my mother to get a few ideas for what to write, and she was a goldmine of sorts. She didn't actually give me any particular ideas, but she reminded me of some. I don't if you all remember "Tonka Trucks" but I got two big heavy duty yellow metal trucks for Christmas when I was....6 or so I think, perhaps seven. One was a bulldozer and the other was a dump truck. They were awesome and took quite a beating over the many years I had them. Somehow two bullet holes ended up in my dump truck; can't remember how or why that happened. That was when they actually made good toys that lasted; now everything is made of crap for the most part. Oh well. Hopefully by tomorrow my nose will have cleared up for the most part since I can breathe through it now, although I have been taking anti-histamines all day long.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Neverending Sickness

I was so exhausted last night that I didn't post something, but truly there was nothing that I really could have posted. It was indeed a boring day, at least from what I remember or lack of remembrance thereof. Today though there was a little more excitement. Yesterday was fantastic and all with the wretchedly, hyperactive SED being discharged and celebrating with the cheesecake, which was quite delicious, as were the molasses cookies. However, at work today everything was going just fine until right at the end of the shift this one SED decided to throw a major tantrum which resulted in him, myself and a co-worker getting into a physical restraint. It was quite irritating and gave my muscles a workout that I haven't had in a long while, but it eventually settled and then I moved onto the paperwork, which shouldn't be difficult since it's essentially only one piece of paper, but the technical and specific language we have to use is stupid. I'm so frustrated with the legal system in California and how it relates to the mentally ill and what not. It makes my job a million more times difficult then if I were say in Illinois. Whatever. I won't be working at that job forever. Now on to something a little more cheerful and festive. Christmas present memories, and I'm going to try and do two, although I don't know if that will strain my memory too much. Apparently it is because I have been sitting for about five minutes and all I can think of is books, two in particular: Inside the Third Reich: Memoirs by Albert Speer and Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn. Not the most exciting presents that I ever got, but I enjoyed both books nonetheless. Oh did I mention that I hate being sick and am tired of it. The cold isn't gone and I still can't breathe through my nose; my body despises me and loves seeing me miserable. Hopefully over the next few days I can combat it and get it out of my system for the remainder of the year. That's it, so I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and doesn't get sick.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Let's Put a Smile on That Face!"

Wow! What a day it was. I think finally around 7:15pm I was actually able to breathe and relax after working on various projects throughout the day. I marathoned writing today for about five and a half hours straight through, and boy was that nuts. That took so much discipline and willpower to sit there for that many hours and finish my project, but the good news is that I am completely done with phase 2 of latest writing project. Hopefully phase 3 will be starting soon and then I can for certain reveal what the whole writing project was about. It was a lot of work getting it to that point, but I did it and hopefully soon I can enjoy the rewards of all of my hard work. The rest and relaxation that I will be getting will certainly be wonderful, and well needed since I have been sick all week. The nose cleared up for half of the day then went to being completely congested all over again; I am almost ready to pull my hair out. I didn't even feel like I got any days off this week. Aside from writing, I was able to bake my molasses cookies which turned out alright; a little more harder than I think they're supposed to be, but hey it was my first time making them. I also made my chocolate cheesecake, which didn't turn out perfectly as my previous one did for a number of reasons. First, I tried to melt the chocolate chips in the microwave. I'm NEVER doing that again, nor do I advise other to do that; double boiler over the stove is much more safer. It wasn't until the microwave had beeped that I noticed the plumage of smoke coming from inside. My chocolate had melted, but some of it had also burned and was filling my entire apartment with the scent of burnt chocolate; not really that appetizing. Anyways, I had to kind of replace the chocolate with something else and hope that it worked out alright. Secondly, my oven is evil and for some reason cooks cheesecake more quickly than anything else, but this time I caught it before hopefully it became an issue. If my oven was actually decent, I wouldn't have half of the baking problems that I've had. People, make sure you get a good, well calibrated oven. Once I was able to relax, I watched The Dark Knight since I had just recently watched Batman Begins. I suppose seeing the teaser trailer and new poster for The Dark Knight Rises gave me the desire to watch the old ones. I like both of the films, and aren't quite certain which one I like better; Christopher Nolan is a fantastic filmmaker, but what sets him apart from most of his colleagues is that he is also a keen storyteller, which is far more important. Before I forget again, today's Christmas memory is "Mr. Stretch" or the "Incredible Mr. Stretch" I can't remember which name it was. My parents got me this doll/action figure of sorts that was made out of this material that you could pull and "stretch" really far. He had hardened, plastic, blonde hair, a black tank top, and black shorts. He was a lot of fun; I liked to put him in the freezer until he was frozen and then play with him as he slowly thawed. He ended up having a rather messy ending if I recall correctly; some of my toys didn't have a very good survival rate. So there ya have folks; nine more days essentially to get your Christmas shopping done, although I hope that you've sent out your Christmas cards already. Work begins tomorrow, so I'm off to bed, and hopefully tomorrow this cold be on its final stages of plaguing my body.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baking and Writing with a Virus in Tow.

Now it's not as bad as all of that. My nose is stuffed up more then....well a Thanksgiving turkey. It sucks most though when I'm trying to eat and I can't breathe because I'm chewing and no air is coming through my nostrils. I give up after this year, for next year every time after that I am getting a flu shot; this darn irritating and vexing cold virus is something I am completely over. Aside from battling the cold today, I was able to get quite a bit of writing done much to my happiness. I was also able to do a lot of baking; tis the season for baking apparently. I made two loaves of cranberry bread because Target finally was selling cranberries, so of course I got about six bags of them. I haven't tasted it yet but it looks quite tasty. I also made a key lime cheesecake for Friday to celebrate one of the SED's being discharged; tomorrow I'm going to make the chocolate cheesecake, and some molasses cookies which I made the dough this evening, and I am also making peanut butter cookies for the SED who is being discharged. People always ask me why I'm not a baker professionally, and I haven't a clue what to say other then I've never thought of it that way before; I just like to make everything myself so that I know that it tastes good, or at least know that it sucks and am responsible for that sucky taste. Well I didn't do anything else today that interesting, nor did I actually have the time. Well have a good night everyone and I hope that my blasted immune system can fight off this wretched virus. Oh one thing that I would like to mention; if you would like to support a struggling writer that would rather be doing a whole lot more writing than he actually is, please click on the ads you see on my blog and website. Thanks.

Oh crap! Sorry I had to come back and add this little addendum, and I can blame being sick for least this time. Christmas present memory time and for today we have a Star Trek watch that my grandparents (maternal) gave me. It was actually suppose to be a collectible watch, but I wore it anyways. It was from the original series and had a button on it which played the theme. One time during church I accidentally pressed the button, of course when things were completely silent and hence everyone was staring at me as I endeavored to sit on myself to get it to be quiet. It is actually quite humorous to recall.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mind Your Surroundings.

Well today was just lovely. I was able to get a lot of writing done; I think I was able to do almost five hours straight of writing before finishing up for dinner, which I made myself breakfast while also simultaneously making two loaves pumpkin bread, that turned out delightfully. After all of that I sat down and watched Batman Begins; I for some odd reason felt compelled to watch that film, and I enjoyed it immensely. I think now that I have seen both that one and The Dark Knight along with some of Christopher Nolan's other films, I like it better. After seeing the teaser trailer and poster for The Dark Knight Rises that might have inspired me as well. I'm going to jump on my political soap box for a moment and suggest that everyone keep the people of Syria in their prayers as they battle and fight for their freedom against President Assad and his oppressive government. Many nations have stepped up their support against that oppressive regime, and I only hope that the current Syrian government will heed the calls of its people, and stop the bloodshed of civilians. I would also like to say that it is nice that Vladimir Putin is getting some challenges in his bid for another term as President; I really hope that the people of Russia are able to continue to have a free country run by the people and for the people like every nation of the world least in my opinion. Okay there's my political soap box for today. If it wasn't for this blasted cold virus I would have had such a fantastic day, but having my sinuses completely blocked to where I can't breathe through my nose makes me so irate. While I was cruising through my favorite site for film news I found out some little tidbits. George Lucas has figured out an idea and or story for Indiana Jones V; he just needs to find the MacGuffin (crystal skull, ark of the covenant, holy grail, shankara stones). Men in Black III has a trailer as does G.I. JOE: Retaliation. Both films look like they could be decent, I am expecting nothing from MIB III, since the second film was a complete waste of time; I think my father and I both fell asleep in the theatre during it. It does have an interesting plot point thought which should be interesting to see how they explore that. As for the latest JOE film.....I'm very ambivalent about it. I loved the cast from the first film, and am rather disappointed about Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis being in this film. It looks as if it will be good, but I'm not going to have any expectations. Christmas present memory for tonight is when my sister Paula got me a lovely glass chess set, along with backgammon and checkers. I still have that set and all of the pieces in pristine shape; the only unfortunate thing is that I have no one to play chess with. My family got tired of me beating them.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Drugs, Work, and the Cold.

All three of those in a combination just sucks, but there are times one must do it for the sake of survival. I am so miserably sick and tired of being sick and tired and having to work while I am that way. Today seemed like it was worse than yesterday and it all began the same way. Got a headache that grew and grew until I couldn't cope with it and took something for it. I also took a cocktail of drugs before work began to clear up my nose and stop the mucus from running down my throat; rather unpleasant. On top of that the SED's were hyper and at times very loud. One SED in particular was shouting and being wretched for about thirty minutes straight and I really wanted to rip out his vocal cords. Fortunately for him though I can actually cope with my anger. On the whole though, work wasn't too bad despite it raining and being quite chilly out. Even my writing group went well; we watched Ernest Saves Christmas. That is a family classic of mine that we would watched every Christmas Eve; good memories. Speaking of such things, only 12 days to complete your Christmas shopping. Today's Christmas present memory is............something a little less grand and memorable Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End DVD. I couldn't think of anything else, and it wasn't that great of a film but there you have it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Headaches and Loud Children.

Speaking at least for myself; headaches and loud children, or actively hyper children do not mix very well. Throw in there SED children, and it just plain sucks. I arrived at work with a growing massively headache and then got one right in the middle of the pm shift. On top of it all I feel like I have a major cold coming on with all of the lovely things that accompany it, and I felt like I could fall asleep at 7pm. It was a long day, especially when the SED's whined and tantrumed a lot, and over nothing. Sometimes I hate my job so much. So now you all know how I feel right now, I'm going to get some rest and sleep in tomorrow. Oh yeah, Christmas present memory for today is when I got a Corvette model. It was actually quite intricate and it took me a very long time to put it together and paint it all, and my father assisted me quite a bit (this was during my model building phase as a child), but it was an awesome looking red Corvette after we were finished, and the engine in particular was amazing to look at. It was my only model car that I constructed after that; the phase didn't last long.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fiddling as I Falling Asleep.

As I type this post I am falling asleep. After not sleeping well for two nights in a row, it is all beginning to catch up with me, that and getting up around 6am, which I will be doing yet again tomorrow. I am working a double tomorrow because more money is always helpful, and I am helping out a co-worker by filling in for her. It was an okay day at work, although I felt like I was going non-stop for all day; that might also be why I am so tired. Finished watching Goldfinger and then I was on the computer for a bit and then for some odd reason I wanted to watch Fiddler on the Roof, which I did as I tried not to fall asleep. Now even though it's kind of early for me I'm giving up and going to bed and hopefully I sleep long and well. Have a great weekend everyone, and my Christmas present memory for tonight is Mein Kamph, which if you are familiar with 20th century history you will know that is the title of Adolph Hitler's book and manifesto which he wrote while imprisoned after he attempted to overthrow the Bavarian government. It means I believe "My Struggle." My sister Paula got it for me, along with a book about the "SS," and although I have never read through all of Mein Kamph it is interesting to peruse the thoughts of a mad political genius. It was poorly written, and even Hitler himself admitted that years later. By the way I enjoy WWII history, particularly the rise of Nazism and how it influenced the socio-political minds around it as well as the psychology of how an entire nation could fall under the spell of one man. Very fascinating topics, at least if you like that kind of history. Also found this new picture/film poster of the long anticipated finale of Christopher Nolan's Batman Saga; looks like it should be good.

I love this song from this film; John Williams did such a fantastic job adapting the music for the film. I think it is some of his greatest work ever, despite it not being his own original compositions.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Surprises Keep Coming.

Work was today. Found out the "new boss" is making a tidal wave of changes that are certain to shake things up, and in my opinion not for the good of the center I work at. I think that the woman is on a power trip and out to remake every single part of the center into what she wants, and by doing this I think she is also trying to slowly eliminate or rather force out all of the old staff. She is certainly succeeding so far. More ideas and thoughts continue to come my way about the future, but for now I still work there. Blah. However, work wasn't so bad although this one wretched SED was being a pain in the neck almost all day long; thank goodness that he will be discharged in less then a week. I am very excited about that, but the SED filling his spot isn't what I was hoping for. Think very violent, moody, weird child with the voice of a banshee and that is what I will be working with whenever I am at work. Not really looking forward to it. After work went home and did nothing but eat food, take a shower, and watched re-runs of Brothers & Sisters and a good portion of the James Bond film Goldfinger. Not the best Bond film ever, but for some odd reason people and critics seem to like it a lot. Christmas Present memory for today is something a little odd that I'm not quite certain how to explain since the memory of the particular parts of the present are a little vague. My parents got me this one thing which had a bunch of Styrofoam like pieces, almost like Lincoln Logs, that you could cut and sand together to create things. One thing about the present that I clearly remember is this bluish sander like object that was battery powered that could grind down the piece of Styrofoam into the shapes that you wanted. It was fun, but definitely one of those odd presents that you would never purposely ask for, but enjoyed nonetheless. I think I might have been eleven or twelve when I got it. Well, the work week must go on.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Do Believe in Fairy's!

Today I was able to get a mixture of fun, play, and work accomplished. I keep finding out that I am more productive when I get up earlier. Now if it wasn't so cold I would be able to get up even earlier, but because I don't want to freeze I stay underneath the warm covers. I got quite a bit of writing done today. First I was working on that major project that I have been writing away like a mad man since the beginning of October and I got a lot of that done. Then I did a review of the Camelot Soundtrack that I got the other day. Mychael & Jeff Danna composed the music, and although I'm not aware of his brother, Mychael is an excellent emerging film composer. His score for the film The Nativity Story is a huge favorite of mine. I really enjoyed the score and believe that if you like that kind of music then you'll like this. At dinner time I watched Peter Pan, but not the Disney version, instead I watched the "people version" from 2003 starring Jason Isaacs as Captain James Hook and Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan (who looks astoundingly grown up ironically that many years later). Watching the film gave me a few story ideas, but overall it was quite enjoyable, although I would have done several things differently. The music, visuals, and how much fun it was made me give it an "Admirable Ability"; there were a lot of awkward moments along with plot and story elements that didn't make much sense to me. It's creative imagination thought just astounds me, and hopefully I will be able to think up something as clever as that one day. The Christmas present memory for today is.............pajamas! Yes what would Christmas be without getting a pair of Pirates of the Caribbean pajamas, which I got from my sisters Christina and still to this day wear. The bottoms are actually quite comfortable, although they seem to be getting a little short as of late. Back to the working grindstone tomorrow, but fortunately the SED's will be going to school.

The Main Titles Theme from the Showtime Original Series "Camelot."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Enough of the World.

I don't know if today still lives on in infamy, but for those that perished approximately 70 years ago at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941 when the Imperial Japanese bombed the U.S. Navy, this day will forever retain its potent memorability. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the veterans of the U.S. military and the active service members as well; all of you men and women continue to be brave despite facing certain death and dishonor amongst your own people. God bless and be with you all. I cannot say that my day was anything but infamous. I did quite a bit of writing and would have done more, but I was getting sick of it all and decided at that point it was probably a good thing to stop otherwise what I was reviewing would end up sucking. When you do something in writing just to get it done and over with, you tend to miss things and miss out on problems that if you had been carefully paying attention to would have been easily averted the first time around. Anyways. For dinner I was yet again in a James Bond mood and watched "The World is Not Enough" which wasn't Pierce Brosnan's best Bond film, but it wasn't his worst; I think Die Another Day has that spot reserved. The plot and story of the film were good, and I even liked the villains; but as always the dialog had so much to be desired from, especially from Bond and his playgirls. I give it an "Admirable Ability" which I think is fairly good assessment of it's quality, or lack thereof. It was nice to see "Q" in his last film, and I am referring to the original "Q" Desmond Llewelyn of course. Even though John Cleese did an excellent replacement, there usually is nothing like the original. Towards the end of the night I checked my mail and discovered that my shipment from arrived which included: a DVD of a Don Giovanni performance, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Camelot score, Captain America score, Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Ballet music, and Il Divo's latest album "Wicked Game." All of that should keep me and my website busy for a while, at least until I can get back to writing original stories after this current writing project is done. A Christmas present memory for today is when I got a fencing sword from my father. It's really long, with a rather ornate and large basket around the....handle for lack of the appropriate term. I still have it looking as good as new, and it is a lovely decoration in my living room. Did I mention that I love swords.

Saw this film trailer of Iranian make and it actually looks good, and apparently it is getting a lot of critical acclaim.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cold and Busy.

Today went by very quickly, much more so than I would have preferred but that's what happens when you are a responsible adult with only the means to have yourself do everything and not being able to hire others to do it for you. This of course included laundry, washing dishes and cooking both lunch and dinner which I love cooking, but cleaning up all of the time isn't fun, and not having a dishwasher is getting most tiresome. Oh well, it could always be worse so I will not complain. I did some writing today, although it was more like I was reviewing what I had already written, but I got fairly far with it. If I can keep this pace up then I will quickly be done with phase II of this project and then I can move on to other things, like updating my website which is regrettably something I haven't been doing a lot with lately. That will soon change though. As for the cold part, I actually turned the heat on for a little bit last night and this morning so I wouldn't freeze my nose off. I have actually been covering my face lately with the covers while I sleep so my face doesn't get cold. It's a bit of an annoyance, but as I mentioned above it could be worse. Clone Wars are back again and this time it is "Slaves of the Republic." The very idea of a Zygerrian slave empire is very interesting and cool, especially if it is connected with the Sith. This episode didn't really have a lot of action unlike its predecessor; there was a whole lot more dialog and character interactions between the Zygerrian Queen and Anakin which was fascinating in a way, but also quite boring. The Zygerrians are definitely a challenge for Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan, but the overall episode came across as very weak and thrown together as a mere afterthought. It seems like these past two episodes are building up to get to the last episode of the story arc. The story does explore Anakin's difficulty with attachments, but I think they really could have done a far better job dealing with the topic. To me the more I think about it, the more I found this episode quite boring. Christmas present memory for today is........when I got a highly decorative dagger from my sister Cindy. It wasn't the one that I wanted, but it was really cool nonetheless.

I was shopping around on and found this amongst some other Star Wars books that I was looking at. I have to let my inner fan out and exclaim WOW! This looks so awesome and amazing! I love the Sith and it is about time they come out with something like this. It will make a great decoration in my room. I know....there are more things important in life than Star Wars, but it certainly does help make life more fun and bearable.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Frosted San Diego.

I know it isn't as cold as it is in other places of the world, but I have gotten used to the mild winters and warm weather pretty much all year round here in San Diego. It has been fairly glacial lately, so much so that I didn't want to get out of bed this morning because it was so cold. It reminded me of when I lived in Wisconsin when our family lived on an old farm house in the country; I room (which was upstairs) had no heat vent/duct. I had to sleep with about a foot of blankets, and during the day sometimes I would play with my toys with gloves on; but I loved that house so much. There were a lot of good memories. Work today went very well; I made some more snowflakes today and am on a roll to get the whole cottage finished soon; I was told that it looked like a Swiss winter wonderland tonight before I left. Another lovely Christmas present that I got one year was a Star Wars computer game called Rebellion. It was strategy based and a whole lot of fun; I actually still play it now and the game came out in 1998 or so I believe. I was so looking forward to getting that game, and I once got up at 7am and played the game straight through until about 4pm or so. Fortunately I got a whole lot more discipline as I got older with how I utilized my computer game playing time. Time for my days off, and thank goodness; I am quite exhausted.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Despite there being no snow in Southern California (yet) it certainly feels at times that it could get that cold, like tonight; I could sadly see my breath. We are decorating for Christmas in the cottage at work that I am in, and tonight I made a lot of snowflakes; I goal is to have them everywhere, and I seem to get better at making them now that I actually have remembered how to make them. Work wasn't too bad today. The SED's had Santa Claus pay them a visit and give them each a present and they actually did rather well, well at least the ones that my co-worker and I handle, can't say as much for the others. Two of the girls though whined and were quite rude, while one of the boys was acting like a baby for no apparently good reason but he actually kept it together thankfully. Not a bad day all in all and only one left before my days off! Now for a distant Christmas present memory; one year back when I was about 8 or 9 my grandparents (I believe) got me a wonderful present. It was a "Cobra Commander G.I. JOE" action figure complete with a gun that made noise, silver briefcase, attachable sword, pistol, and I want to say he had a stand but I'm not entirely certain. I loved that toy so much and my love of G.I. JOE began in earnest after that.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Work today was certainly interesting that is for sure, although the really interesting part didn't come until the very end when we had a meeting. What was said was both clear as mud and as obvious as big sunglasses on someone's face. Feeling a lot of negative "vibes" from my place of employment lately, which is making me think about where I want to go with my life. Sadly though for now, it seems that things are where they are supposed to be, at least for now. The SED's were fine though, although one of them was tantruming for a good 45 minutes for no apparent reason of course. Got home and did whatever. Was looking on Netflix and saw that James Bond "Goldeneye" was on the list for things that could be viewed instantly. It was actually one of the last Bond films I saw (not counting the ones with Daniel Craig); I had seen every other Bond film, mostly, except that one until about five years or so ago when I saw it with a friend. My father started me out with James Bond at Tomorrow Never Dies which is my second favorite Bond film, Casino Royale being the first. Godeneye was actually pretty good; Martin Campbell did an excellent job breathing new life into the franchise which lasted until The World is Not Enough, which signaled a downturn until Daniel Craig became the new Bond character (a vast improvement). Had a long chat with my mother about politics, people, family, and friends which was quite lovely; still trying to figure out a Christmas present for her though. So last night I forgot to write about the two things I said that I was going to; I did however predict a chance that I probably was going to forget so tonight you are going to get four things. 1st.......the Christmas Presents memories. For number one, one year a sister of mine got me two Harry Potter wands (Voldemort's and Sanpe's), glue and the film A Simple Wish (very funny Martin Short comedy film). I was so amazingly happy, but my very religious far right sister and her husband looked on in great discomfort and reproach; it was actually quite funny, even though it shouldn't be. For memory number two, I got a John Williams' Greatest Hits CD that he signed himself, with pictures of him actually signing it, and a certificate that states that it was signed. Perhaps one day it will become quite a collector's item. Moving onto the facts & myths of Christmas here is what I was saying about an impoverished man born of a virgin celebrated on December 25. His faith (which included brotherhood, a pure moral code, and the promise of eternal life) was shared widely by Roman soldiers who spread it throughout Europe. His name was Mithras. In Mithraism, December 25 is known as "Dies Natali Invictis Solis," otherwise know as 'The Birthday of the Unconquered Sun.' Fact/Myth number two: Anglo-Saxon's called December 25th "Geol" (a common midwinter festival) which was the precursor to "Yule." The rest of it is really long so I'm going to try and put it in tomorrow maybe, or I'll save that until Tuesday when I will most likely have time and energy to write it all down. That's all everyone; have a great rest of the weekend.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gummi Worms & Bears.

I love gummi bears and worms. Ever since I was a small, young, and innocent child I loved these sugary, squishable chewy treats. The problem when I was younger though was that I would eat too many of them all at once and then vomit. However, now that I am older and wiser I eat as many of them as I want, but to keep everything inside of my stomach I drink plenty of water in between bites of gummi products. A co-worker brought a bunch of gummi bears and worms into work and I was quite happy; she also told me about this one store that she and another co-worker of mine visited which had a 5 pound gummi worm that looked like a....well used your imagination, and there were ridges I think she said. Work was fine, although it wasn't what I expected but in this job anything rarely is. Got a lovely haircut after work, did some online shopping for myself, and then did nothing but watch cable episodes from a show that I got from Netflix. A lovely and relaxing evening, but I really should have done some writing but oh well; perhaps tomorrow.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beginning Phase 2.

For the most part it was actually a fairly busy and productive day. It began with a delicious breakfast that I made and shared with a friend, which was lovely. I made lemon poppy seed muffins, eggs, juice, and bacon; very yummy and the company was just as so. My friend and I then did some drawing which was fun to do, since I haven't done it in a while and she taught me about vanishing points. Using this knowledge I began to draw a castle but ran out of time. Eventually I will get back to it. I then began phase 2 of the project that I am working on and it went very well; hopefully this phase will be short if I devote myself to work on it as much as I can. So far though this project hasn't quite gone according to plan, but it will be worth it when I am finished with it. I went rummaging through some old pictures today and wow did I find some good ones of me and my family members, and friends from high school. I was also able to find some pictures of John Williams signing one of his CD's (The Best of John Williams 1969-1999) and I'm going to put that together with the certificate of authenticity, CD, and pictures and frame them somehow. Should look great on the wall. I watched the film Van Helsing tonight, and although it is only a mediocre film with a "Yearning Ability," it is highly entertaining and has an excellent score by Alan Silvestri which I reviewed on my website Van Helsing Score; he is for the most part a very good film composer. I liked Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing & David Wenham as Karl the Friar that assists the Victorian hero; they did a fine job with their characters despite the weak script and story. Later on I made some chocolate chip cookies for a co-worker's birthday and read the newspaper; and now my day is finally winding down to prepare myself for the new work week cycle. However, this being the first day of December there are a few things I would like to share to begin the 24 days of Christmas. A present from one of my past Christmases (and this is not going to be in chronological order). One year my sister Paula got me the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace on DVD, but she had wrapped it in a bright pink Victoria's Secret bag. I think I was blushing quite pink at first, and then my excitement took over when I saw what was inside. I still have that same DVD, and it works pretty good. I'll keep it around until George Lucas puts the Star Wars films on 3-D Bluray. Now some interesting tidbits about the origins of the Christmas Holiday and why it is in December. A long time ago, December 25th was the day that the Phrygian Sun god, Attis, had his birthday celebrated. For tomorrow (if I remember to write it) I will write of another who was born that day in the lowest of low places and became quite high. Goodnight everyone.

Saw the trailer for the new Disney film John Carter; it looks dreadful, but even Walt Disney can still pull delightful surprises out of it's hat.