Friday, November 25, 2011

Where's the Punch Bowl?

Since my double days at work are now over, I work on Fridays and only half of Saturday and half of Sunday. I think it will be good for me to switch back to the old schedule, after all I did two doubles back-to-back for almost a year I think and it was fun while it lasted. So today it was work, which went very well, and then I got home and did absolutely nothing of course. Chatted with my mother for over an hour about her mailing me some stuff along with some blue mugs which she was supposed to have given me, along with some other items and a punch bowl since I like to host parties and what not. Actually the mugs should have been in the punch bowl, so the idea was if she could find the punch bowl then she could find the mugs. It was a slightly funny moment for us; yes I know that I need to work on my humor. She however could not find any of them in her very small house of course; oh well. Furnishing an entire apartment with everything you want and need takes a lot of money, but then that's what mothers are for; to give their children the stuff they don't need or want anymore. Another work day tomorrow; hope no one got too severely injured during all of that "Black Friday" shopping today.

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