Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Up, Up, Up the Stairs Precious..."

I unfortunately got a late start to the day which set me back on a number of things, but I somehow managed to get a fair amount of things accomplished besides relaxing. I did some writing which seemed to go by rather quickly today thank goodness. I usually dread writing this project that I have been working on, but today it went very well, and I hope that it is able to go that direction until I am finished with it. I looked up Harry Potter spells on the internet after that; for some odd reason I taught some of the SED's on Sunday quite a few of the spells from the books, along with wand movements, what the spells to do, and how to do them properly. So since then many of them have been dueling each other and me and asking for a complete set of all the spells from the franchise, and for me to bring my wands as well. Yes I know I'm a bit odd, but apparently it came in handy as the SED's were getting so bored that they were going to use other means besides magic to kill each other. I finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy and watched Return of the King and for the first time since I saw it, I didn't think it was all as bad as I originally thought; don't get me wrong, I still believe The Fellowship of the Ring is the best one. Howard Shore's musical genius and Peter Jackon's skill as a director made those three films epic. This Tuesday wraps up the Clone Wars Umbara Quadrilogy of episodes with Carnage of Krell. It was as I suspected somewhat, although the full extent of the carnage was quite a surprise. I won't give away too much, but let's just say that Krell is more than he seems, and was working to do more than just carelessly order clones to their death. These four episodes I have to admit have put season 4 on a whole new level, and the Clone Wars for that matter. Captain Rex and Fives have come away stronger characters and wiser as well, but also some foreshadowing of what is to come in Revenge of the Sith and how the clones are able to do what they do to the Jedi. Speaking of democracies that fail, looks like Europe and the United States are having some difficulties; should be interesting to see if it is reminiscent of the Roman Republic turned Empire or the Old Republic turned Galactic Empire. Great transitioning don't you think, but this one is a little more rough. Today I am thankful for the Cuellar family. Ever sine I came to college and have been living out here in California they have been a second family to me; very kind, generous, and treat me as if I was a part of their family. I am very fortunate and blessed; thank you to all five of you.

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