Monday, November 7, 2011

Seeing the New Boss.

Well after being told that my old boss had her last day on Friday as I was stepping in the following day (Saturday) I saw my new boss today, with her new assistant. She seemed petite, nice, and dressed like she was going to the gym and the same for her assistant (one of the SED's actually hid behind me when he saw the new assistant). Neither one of them said hi to me, nor took the time to introduce themselves to me which I thought was a little strange, but whatever; everyone has a different style of leading. For the most part the day went well, except for the banshee SED; she screamed and tantrumed for over 2 hours (it was very hard on the ears and nerves.) My writing group went very well surprisingly and I hope it continues to go that way. I again forgot to write about someone I was thankful for last night, but that's what happens when one is completely exhausted. Person number 1: I am very thankful for my friend Jeremy Reichert who is one my most dear friends, and who introduced me to the wonder that is Montana and shooting guns. Person number 2: I am very thankful for my co-worker Anne; she makes writing the paperwork that I have to do every Monday very simple and straightforward, and she does all of the extra when there is nobody else to cover it, and she never complains. Both of you are awesome! Well here comes sleep, and it's going to be a short week since I'm working on Friday, but I still can get a lot accomplished before least I hope.

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