Monday, November 14, 2011

Rest At Last.

Well after 47 hours of work in four consecutive days my days off have finally come, and not a moment too soon. I am so eat right now, but for still feeling sick somewhat I am doing remarkably well and despite the SED's being wretched the shift at work overall went rather well. This one SED got so angry that he broke his wall and made a 3ft hole and then a 2ft hole; he is one of the most vexing SED's that I work with directly and he is so similar to a 1 year old child. I made a co-worker a key lime cheesecake and it came out wonderfully, although it could have used a little less lime, but some whipped cream would have helped tame the tartness, but it was still so very good.. Today I am thankful for Ludwig van Beethoven; he composed excellent music, and had such passion when creating music which has lasted the centuries and aside from Mozart he is the most well known classical composer. His 9th Symphony will always remain a favorite of mine. Got up early to make the cheesecake and went to bed late last night. In dire need of sleep, so have fun working all of you workers this week.

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