Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Ring....

....To Rule Them All. I was writing today (for quite a long time) and when I write I have music playing in the background, and a lot of times I try to match the music to what I am currently writing. Sometimes it takes me a while to forget the music is there but then I do and become completely engrossed with what I am writing. Today I was listening to the score from The Fellowship of the Ring and suddenly I felt like watching the film. So after about four and a half hours of straight writing that's what I did, although I made myself some dinner while I was at too. I personally believe that it is best of the 3 films, and that the theatrical version is what should be watched; the extended cut has way too much unnecessary exposition and material that bogs the pace of the film down. Peter Jackson is an excellent filmmaker, one of the best I believe currently alive; he just picks rotten stories to work on like King Kong and The Lovely Bones. Hopefully he will do better with The Hobbit although I still would have loved to have seen Guillermo del Toro direct the two part film story. Despite Howard Shore's great talent on all 3 of the LOTR (Lord of the Rings) scores I do believe that his first was his best. And so I attached one of my favorite tracks below; the score has such a wide scope and really reaches the entire breadth of orchestral and choral music. While I'm talking about LOTR, I think I will mention J.R.R. Tolkien and say how thankful I am for that man. Not only did he create a fictional masterpiece with everything having to do with LOTR, but he was the man who was the forerunner of the fantasy genre and made it possible for individuals like me and George Lucas to create fantasy epics. Who knows what would have happened without his vision, and I certainly hope that as humanity continues to surge forward into the future that we are able to come across more pathfinders that see thru average and yearn for the unknown, and untapped. Well there you have it. I hope everyone is considering and remembering what this Saturday is and getting ready for tomorrow. Yes, November the 5th is coming upon us and soon it will be that time again to listen to the 1812 Overture at Midnight. Don't forget the 5th of November.

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