Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh The Pain..............

It sucks being sick and working at the same time all day long. It went from bad to worse, although the SED's behavior didn't go that way; I was constantly prompting and preventing fires from burning too high throughout the shifts which was tiring especially when one is sick. I almost lost my voice a few times, but that remains functioning at the moment. So, I'm feeling rather like a troll with a really bad stuffed nose so I am going to get some sleep. With all things looking and hoping for positives, perhaps tomorrow I will feel much better. I seem to be constantly forgetting to write about people that I am thankful for so here's yesterday's and today's. I am thankful for Vanessa; who was my first college friend and has stuck with me through thick and thin no matter what, and always took an interest in my writing. I am also thankful for Jim Davis who is the creator of "Garfield" without whom I wouldn't laugh as hard on Sundays or have such fond Halloween memories.

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