Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Ordinary.

Well today was actually quite boring. It was actually so boring I'm kind of forgetting what even happened. Yeah, I know my memory is going. I did some writing, lots of relaxing ate dinner, spoke with my sister, and then did some reading. Wow, that was a really boring day! I suppose I could have done more writing, or something to make it more interesting, but I wasn't feeling it. I wanted to be lazy and do nothing; to have a relaxing evening, and aside from my neighbor's kid screaming and tantruming I think that end was quite successful. I swear the biggest problem I have with my new place is that the walls are too thin, either that or my neighbors are just really, really loud. Today I am thankful for my sister Christina; she is my oldest sister and has gone through a lot of crap already in her life, but she has always been easy for me to talk to about anything and everything, and we always have a lot of fun going down memory lane. We actually are planning a road trip to where we grew up in Wisconsin next year; its going to be so much fun; we might even drag my mother along and really make it...interesting. The work weekend is back, and by the way only less then a week before Thanksgiving so make sure you get all of those pies baked (or purchased) and the turkey properly cooked (avoid basting and cooking the turkey with stuffing as both will dry the turkey out; for more information read Alton Brown). Have an excellent weekend everybody.

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