Friday, November 11, 2011


To all that have served in the armed forces to protect those who couldn't defend themselves or ask for it; for those who advance liberty, justice, and equality thank you. This world would suck without the thousands of brave men and women who have shed their blood and sweat to fight for causes not always of their own. God bless all of you, and may he grant peace of mind and soul to all who have witnessed and experienced horrendous acts of violence. Thank you honored veterans. What a day. Well I went to work and didn't have any amazing difficulties and I did see the new boss again and this time she spoke to me, but only to say that I needed to get one of the SED's into the shower and walked off while she was chatting up a storm with the SED's. Very interesting method of leadership she possesses I've noted so far, not my style but we'll see how it works out for her in the long run. After work I went and saw the film Immortals which I gave a "Yearning Ability," it really wasn't that great and if you don't see it then do not fret over it, not one little bit. It was entertaining I suppose with a lot of grisly graphic violence that a 13 year old girl was laughing at on occasion next to me (I don't know what possessed her dumb parents to bring her to that film). I just didn't connect with it at all. I did some shopping and got Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part II and so now my entire Harry Potter film collection is complete; I can't wait to watch next week after I'm done working. I got back to my apartment and vented it since the exterminators came and hopefully eliminated all of those pesky cockroaches, because let me tell you I never want to see or catch of those creatures ever again. Now tonight I am thankful for my grandfather (my mother's father) of whom I am named after; I am very much like him, because I am very much like my mother. It is because of him that I am becoming so great of a man with as much success as I am having in life. I only wish he was alive so I could tell him that in person. Oh, and some very good news; I am an uncle again. One of my sisters gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday named Elise Rachel; congratulations to my sister and her husband. Posted a trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman looks interesting, but I will reserve my judgment until after I see it. I must say I was disappointed to see that Kristen Stewart was going to be in it, but maybe she'll be better in this than in Twilight.

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