Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"How Would You Like Your Remains Displayed?"

What a busy day. I did a little shopping to get ready for tomorrow, and then I went straight to writing. It was amazing! I was able to do a ton of writing for my project and I am nearly finished with it, so very soon I will be able to unveil what I have been working on for a very long time; since I got back from Montana I believe. Wow! Has it really been that long? Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana, as Groucho Marx would say. After I finished my writing I went straight to baking. I made chocolate chip cookies and a cherry pie. I was also going to make some pumpkin bread, but I didn't have enough sugar and being the forgetful fool that I am, I didn't get any while I was at the store. I think this will be the best cherry pie that I have every made; the pie dough came out perfectly, and it should hopefully taste that way as well. Still trying to figure out how to deal with the edges getting too dark; suppose I will have to get one of those pie edge protector things. The chocolate chip cookies of course turned out wonderful; nice and chewy, and not too brown and crunchy. I sat down after that to some dinner and for some odd reason decided to watch The Mask of Zorro which is an amazing film, definitely shows that Martin Campbell is a fantastic director although I'm not certain what he was thinking with The Green Lantern. I've always really enjoyed the many different versions of Zorro since I was young, and especially the sword fighting. I actually dressed up as Zorro for Halloween when I was in Kindergarten; good times and memories. If I remember correctly my oldest sister was a nurse, my second sister was a clown, and then my third sister was a princess or fairy of some kind I think. James Horner also did a fantastic job on the music, although Troy sounds very similar to it in several ways. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and so I will conclude my monthly long 'thanking a person' thing with being thankful for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Since all three are one (yet distinct and separate) that's why I put all three. Without God & company my life would suck even more than it occasionally does now, and the afterlife would definitely suck. How thankful I am for what all three have done and will do would be immeasurably impossible to write or even capture with any kind of words; so all I can truly say is "Amen."

P.S. Saw the latest trailer, apparently, for the film The Woman In Black; should be interesting to see Daniel Radcliffe in something else besides Harry Potter. He actually looks good in the character he's playing.

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