Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Much Life Often Sucks.

Ever have those days where everything seems just overwhelming. You five million things to do and not enough time to do them all in, well that was kind of like today. Aside from the fact that I am working tomorrow like I don't usually do, my apartment is getting bug bombed for cockroaches which is a double edged sword; I'm glad that they will soon be gone (I'm not the one responsible for their invasion of my apartment), but tonight I had to take everything out every single cabinet in the kitchen and find a place for it without setting it on the floor, and the same thing for the bathroom. I really hope they don't need to whatever in my bedroom closet because there is no way I would be able to do that tonight and find a place to put all of the stuff. Those bug people are crazy, and it kind of makes me angry that I had to have this done in the first place when it wasn't even my fault that it happened. My apartment is nigh immaculate, yet these wretched insects appear; curse filthy, irritating neighbors. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow that will be it and no more bugs. Then tomorrow I have to put everything back after working all day, and I also have a lot of things to do once I get off of work so that is kind of overwhelming me and then I start my regular work weekend (doubles on Saturday and Sunday, followed by a 10 hour shift on Monday). I'm probably going to get sick at the end of it all just my rotten luck. I'm picking up the shift tomorrow as extra; more money for me I suppose. Well I did get some writing done today; it was hard to focus but I pushed myself more on the forthcoming project that I am working on, and although it oftentimes sucks to work on it, when I am finished with it all of the time and hard work spent on it will be well worth it. Instead of watching a film tonight I was watching this one show Brothers & Sisters on Netflix. It's actually really good; I picked up watching it while I was in Montana. I like the straightforward crap that the family deals with, and I really like the characters; it all seems real with nothing fake going on although they at times try to fake their way out of a situation. Highly recommend it to people who like well done dramas. There's the day, and I cannot wait for Tuesday of next week as this week was too short.

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