Saturday, November 19, 2011

How Gross.

Today sucked at work all around. As soon as I walk through the doors into the cottage, one of the SED's is holding a pot and threatening to attack some of my co-workers, mind you he is covered in his own urine because he wets the bed and usually refuses to shower for hours. He tantrums, shouts, calls me some of the foulest language in the world, and throws stuff at me actually hitting me in the eye with something. I was quite furious, especially with the staff that was just standing there doing nothing while this SED is throwing stuff not only at me but at the other SED's as well. It sucked, oh and he spit on me as well. He spit so much on the door that it was covered in pop-tart spit and I grabbed the door not knowing this and got my hand covered in his spit. I almost vomited for about a half an hour. After that it calmed down immensely for a while. Later on at night I worked with two staff that did nothing but eat pizza, play on their cell phones, and work on their laptop computers. Me and one other staff did all of the work, and all of the interventions and prompting. We had two SED's attack each other, I separated one while my co-worker got the other one; meanwhile the other two staff are in the back office doing God knows what and came out after the situation was under control. It was a long day; thank goodness it is over. Today I am thankful for my previous driver instructor Joe (can't remember his last name). He taught me and two of my sisters how to drive, and he was great; he really taught me well and I am a good driver because of his teaching. He cracked a lot of jokes and had a lot of stories from his 25 years or so from being a truck driver. I hope that he is enjoying retirement. Day 2 is tomorrow.....yuck.

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