Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

Despite your beliefs, feelings, or thoughts about Thanksgiving you can't argue with the suggestion for people to be more thankful. For instance, I am very thankful that I have a second family out here in California since my other family is far away in the Midwest of the U.S. I really do feel like a part of the family and am blessed that they welcomed me in as one of them. The food was delicious at their house, the company was delightful, and we all had a lot of fun. I am truly a very lucky man, and moments like those remind me how fortunate I am and therefore how much more thankful I should be. Before thanksgiving dinner though I was busy writing; I know, not even on a holiday can I stop. Essentially I am done with my latest writing project, but I still have a few more things left to do before I am entirely finished with it. I am very excited and very happy! Good luck to all of you crazy 'Black Friday" shoppers. I got all of the advertisements in the mail today, and I have to admit that it is ridiculous how much money, time, and effort retailers put into this one single day. Well that was the day. I am very full, so I should sleep well tonight. God bless all of you and have a great weekend as I return to work tomorrow bright and early in the morning. Ciao.

P.S. Thought a little Josh Groban would be nice, and since the lyrics are about this holiday it all turned out rather perfect.

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