Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting a Degree in Being Mean.

Despite being a long day at work, it wasn't too bad. I had an SED punch me in the stomach, one try to punch me in the face a number of times along with kicking and punching me, and I was treated like a servant. All in a day's work though I suppose. When one of the SED's was tantruming and getting upset he got so angry that he was hitting himself on the head with toys, his door, and God knows what else. He actually was shouting his head off and acting like he was crazy. I was able to calm him down by hugging him and letting him cry on my shoulder, and this is a kid that tries to act all tough who actually has a very sucky home life that he is going to be walking into in December. I was actually quite happy that I was able to break through his icy barrier of protection and get to the real emotions that he is feeling. Those are the moments when I feel that I am actually doing something therapeutic and beneficial to the child. Today I am thankful for Edgar Allan Poe; he was a great storyteller and poet, not to mention I believe he was the individual who created the short story. Without that, so much of what I write and post on my website would not be possible. And who could forget those memorable lines... "once upon a midnight dreary, as I pondered weak and weary...."

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