Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creative Fires Burn Brighter.

I cannot say what joy and pleasure this day has brought me. It was beginning out as just a regular day like it usually does, although for some odd reason my Wall Street Journal and local newspaper were not delivered to me, oh well. I did about four hours almost of writing on the project that I have been working on lately, and then took a break for dinner during which a good friend of mine contacted me and we chatted for about an hour or so. After that I watched The Two Towers and while I didn't like several parts of the film overall I found still entertaining and inspirational; The Fellowship of the Ring (theatrical version) will always remain my favorite of the 3 films. It was actually at the end of writing for my project that an idea came to me; to write a musical about two individuals running for U.S. president in either the 1930's or the 1950's. It would be a satire because of all of the crap that's going on in American politics today, and I think it would be a really fun musical. As I began working on it though I also figured that the way I was writing it out would also make a great modern political drama story. So I don't know; I might go the way of the musical, or the drama which would become a book. What I want to do would work best in a musical I believe, but it would be so powerful as a fictional drama book. I also was working on magical story that takes place in Great Britain pre-Merlin; back when the "Old Religion" the "Old Ways" were very dominant, and it is shaping up marvelously so far. The new book I got the other day has been helping immensely; for example it talks about the mystical properties of trees, and what they were used for and why. An Evergreen stands for immortality as does Birch, and Oak I believe, whereas Yew signify long life as they are supposedly thought to live for over 9000 years or so some suspect. Did you know that hollow glass globes were hung so that they would catch the evil spirits inside witches and keep them inside. Sounds like Christmas ornaments for Western civilization doesn't it? I will be sharing as we get into December how much "pagan" and mystical/magical elements wove into a Christian holiday and why; it is actually quite fascinating. Today though I was so happy to actually sit down and let my imagination loose and write as I wanted, which is something that I haven't done in a while. It is something that I truly love to do, and I actually texted a friend that I hope to die with a pen in one hand and some paper in the other. Today I am thankful for George Washington; a previous U.S. President, a great general, and an inspirational leader not just for Americans but for all leaders aspiring to form a great democracy. He, along with thousands of others, helped craft a country that began as one of the poorest and weakest nations in the world but is now the wealthiest and most powerful. Thank's Mr. President, I hope you are enjoying your afterlife.

P.S. Snow White seems to be the story fare for films for some reason. We have some comic relief with Mirror Mirror, we'll just see how comical it actually is.

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