Friday, October 28, 2011

Wolves and Paradise.

At first I thought today was going to be a great productive day..........but it didn't up as thus. I had a great beginning to the day. Made myself a nice big brunch and read the newspapers and went straight to editing and writing which I did for the next four hours, after which I was rewarding myself with watching something pleasurable and then my sister from Florida called. We chatted for nearly an hour and half, which severely interfered with my evening plans. After I finished watching what I was, I made myself some delicious chicken alfredo pasta and watched this one documentary called Wolves in Paradise which is primarily about the experiment of reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone National Park after they were killed off for the most part in the early 20th century or so I believe. It was a rather fascinating documentary with good points of view, but after being myself recently to Montana and seeing the carnage the wolves have wrought along with local, popular opinions I can't say that the introduction of the wolves was a good idea. Not only have they attacked livestock, but according to my knowledgeable resources of people who have lived in that state for a long time, they have decimated the herds of Elk and Moose. It's a very sad thing, but at least they can shoot the wolves from what I understand now. I actually like wolves like I would a Siberian tiger or a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but if it is going to either be me, my livelihood or the animal (s) then of course I'm going to choose me. It's interesting to me that the U.S. Federal government is spending all of this money creating a wolf population during a difficult economy, and the wolves are hurting hunting business along with the cattle business which if those go down state and federal revenues go down, which means the government doesn't make any money. There aren't a lot of plain common sense people in government anymore on average. That's about as far of a soap box I'm going to get on for now. In reality for me, people will always be more important than a bunch of furry animals, and I wish people in the government would spend more money on people than animals. That was my boring day. The last weekend of October is here. I hope everyone has a lot of fun with their weekend parties, festivals, and or rituals. Once again, Happy Halloween. Oh, I posted the J. Edgar trailer; looks like it should be good.

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