Sunday, October 2, 2011

Still Have the Vacation Glow.

So far so good yet and none of the SED's have wished that I wasn't there, and I also haven't lost any of my energy or happiness that I had acquired during my vacation. I thought my bud of calm would go by the middle of the day because the SED's were absolutely ridiculous all day long, but I was able to hold my composure although my seriousness was very...serious. Was playing freeze tag and I for some odd reason tried to hop over a metal bar and miscalculated my...angle and speed and landed on my family jewels. It hurt obviously a lot, but I also apparently got a whopping bruise on my ankle which at first didn't hurt, and then it began to really hurt, and now it's feeling better. I got big old bump that grew astronomically quickly, but I'd like to think of it as a battle scar....even though it won't last much past a few days.

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