Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Night Laughter!!!!

I worked with my usual crew tonight that I usually do on Saturday nights and it was a blast. The kids were fine; rude somewhat, but fine. I haven't laughed so hard in a very, very long time. I found out so much about slang language that I had no idea about. Another fascinating thing (I thought) was that I was going through this crayon box and finding all of these crayons with different colors and names that I had never heard before like fuzzywuzzy, laser yellow, raw sienna, and....that one one color that I can't suddenly think of. Blast! Oh well, but the one color I found that I love so much is cerulean; I don't per se like the color especially, but I enjoy the way it sounds. Anyways (I think I was a little sleep deprived by tonight). Most of that happened in the evening, during the am shift I had an SED bite, pinch, and kick me; he was quite the belligerent fathead. Other then that I survived another day; another one to go.

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