Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rolls of Quarters

Well today was relatively productive. I didn't have a clue that two rolls of quarters were actually $20...I might have just asked for one roll. However, now that I have two rolls I should be good with laundry for a while. I could have gotten more done but I had a late start to the day; hopefully that will turn around for tomorrow. I was able to get some writing done on a new project that I can't quite yet reveal yet as to what it is, but it will be good once I am done with it. I had to go into work today to pick something up and spend some time with one of the SED's, who's actually growing on me the more time I spend with him. He actually seems like a great kid and is very polite and kind hearted, although I have seen him during his tantrums and he can be quite the wretch. One of my co-workers roped me into assisting her with a project that she is working on for the facility's Halloween holiday; she's going to construct a "Coraline" themed maze. It's going to be really cool and I might be able to post some pictures and video of it before it's finished, which I will put on the blog when it is available. The rest of the night was rather uneventful. I had a friend come over and we chatted for a bit and then watched a movie which is something way out of my usual fare, but she really wanted to see it. The film was White Chicks starring the Wayans brothers who I like a lot. I was surprised honestly as I thought that the film was going to be pure crap that I'd get bored and irritated with, but I ended up enjoying myself and laughing quite a lot, and I'm talking about a real hardy, deep laugh. It's a humorous distraction from reality and one that I'd recommend to people who love comedies as their main genre for viewing. One last thing before I end this blog tonight. I was surprised as I perused Facebook, the newspapers, and other sources of news how much Steve Jobs touched other peoples lives, and how thousands of people felt that he did affect their lives in a positive way. That is a legacy to leave behind; I hope that it indeed stands the test of time, along with his company.

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