Saturday, October 1, 2011

Return of the MHW....

MHW is my title at work (Mental Health Worker) and boy what a day it was. I walked into the cottage that I work at and all of the SED's were awake and saying hello and that they wanted hugs @ barely 7am and most of them remained awake and hyper for the duration of the morning. There weren't any major behaviors fortunately, but there were a number of small fires that if weren't nipped in the behind could have been severe. It was fantastic to see the SED's again and spend time with them after being on vacation for so long, and it was awesome to see all of my co-workers again as well. I had a lot of laughs and catching up moments all day; I love my job and the people that I am allowed to work with. Happy October 1st to everyone! Only 30 more days until all Hollow's Eve, and this year it's going to be on Monday unfortunately and I wish it were going to be on a Friday. Oh well. It wasn't that difficult to get back into the swing off things at work, and not too many things changed, although the SED's apparently had been having extreme difficulties during my absence. It might have been the perfect timing for vacation, but now I'm back and ready to gt back into full work mode until my next vacation!

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