Monday, October 17, 2011

Making Gravestones.

I bet you don't hear that too often. But it was quite true; me and one of my co-workers made gravestones tonight. Granted they were out of cardboard, but they looked pretty good after she carved and I painted. For the cottage that we work in, our theme for Halloween is a 'Graveyard' hence the gravestones. It's going to look really sweet by the time we are done with it all. Some SED's were up a tree ripping branches and causing a mess, some were punching each other, and some were throwing things at my face. That was my day, which does sound bad, but I only personally had to deal with a fraction of it. During my writing group we watched an episode of the old animated television show The Tick which I love, but the SED's didn't like it too much. Apparently it wasn't violent enough, which is what they all on average find quite hysterical and enjoyable to watch. No wonder this country is going in the wrong direction; kids are finding violence (real violent stuff) highly amusing. Sadism is in vogue. Lucky us, luck me. Have a great work week everyone. Yuck!

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