Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Land of....Writing.

Even though you are making progress, do you ever find that you're working on something that you're getting nowhere? I hate that feeling, and that is how it's going with this new project that I am working on. It is taking me so long to do so little work, but I suppose the devil really is in the details. In the end when I am finished with this project it will all be worth it, I am quite certain of that. That is what I spent a good portion of the day doing, and then I was reading my Walt Disney biography again, of which I am almost finished with at last. That book is like taking a class over two semesters; there is so much crap in there about not only the man himself but the people around him too and most of them I could care less about. I started watching season 3 of Merlin last night when I discovered that new episodes had been added to Netflix, and I continued on tonight. I love that show, even though the dialog can be campy at times, and the relationship between Arthur and Merlin a little irritating. Growing up and seeing Merlin as all powerful and then as a comical servant at the beck and call of a spoiled prince just annoys me sometimes. For the most part though it is a good and entertaining show, and delves really deep into Celtic mythology which I am obsessively fascinated with. I wrote my review for The Clone Wars: Season 3 which is probably the best season yet, but since season 4 will have Darth Maul in it I have a feeling that will change eventually. There you have my day; writing may not seem difficult, but when you work and labor on something for hours a day trying to get it right, you might change your mind and stick to something else. Me, I love writing and wouldn't trade my talent for it for anything else.

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