Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hot, Too Hot!

I don't know why the temperatures are rising in Southern California, but it's really getting on my last nerve. I was just talking to myself about how I got the big blanket out because the temperatures at night were getting cooler, which I was very pleased about. Now it's about 11:11pm and the temperature in my room is 79 degrees F., but going down. It was 86 degrees at one point and it's taken about four hours just to get it to drop 6 degrees inside my apartment by blowing in cool air. Apparently it's suppose to get even warmer tomorrow and then cool off over the weekend. Hot weather is impossible writing weather for me; if I'm struggling writing something and hot at the same time my temper gets the best of me unfortunately I find oftentimes in those situations. I was able to get some more writing done today, but it took far longer then I had anticipated to do the amount that I did. Sometimes, or rather frequently, life sucks despite all of the best efforts one puts into it to make it better. Oh well, no choice but keep up the good fight and hope for cooler weather, otherwise I would have gotten much more writing accomplished. I didn't use my air conditioner because it sucks and isn't very efficient, and I don't really want to waste money on it if I can survive without it (keyword being survive). I also want to see what my average electric bill is going to be month to month without the use of something heavy like the air conditioning. Aside from a few boring things that I did today, I watched Howl's Moving Castle which is my favorite Hayao Miyazaki film. I really enjoy that film, although there are parts of it that still make no sense to me, but I really enjoyed the music this time around; Joe Hisaishi did an excellent job with the score. I posted a song from the end of the film, which I've always thought was extraordinarily beautiful ever since I first saw the film back in the fall of 2007. Good memories and good times; I could elaborate, but I'll save that for another time. Hopefully I'll be cooler tomorrow, or maybe I'll get up earlier and get more accomplished before it gets really hot.

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