Sunday, October 9, 2011


It was a relatively good day at work today with very few problems that me and my co-worker couldn't handle. First there was hyperness, but we've dealt with that since day one, then there was the SED shaking his backside and squatting down to scratch his crack because it was dry and itchy. I'm sorry if that was too much information, but if you would have been there what soon followed after would have been much worse. I'll let all of your imaginations figure out the rest. Aside from all of that crap, a previous client visited the facility and met with all of the previous staff that he worked with and caught up. He then talked to the SED's in my cottage about how we was succeeding and what he was looking towards to do. From I am told, since I was not yet employed there when he was a client, he was quite the little wretch. Now he seems like a polite and productive young man with aspirations to go college and become successful. That is what my job is all about; the hope that one day the SED's I work with will attain that level of excellence. A little side note, you hear the darnedest things at work sometimes from your co-workers; sometimes they make you laugh hysterically, other times you simply remain mystified and imagine The Office and how that relates.

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