Monday, October 10, 2011

Grossed Out.

For the most part it was a fairly chill day at work. The only time when I had excitement is when this one new SED refused to take a med, and when I was helping him back to his room he tried to bite me, but quickly stopped when he realized that it wasn't a good idea. It actually was a very busy day, although I don't know why. The SED's just seemed very needy a lot, especially the girls who were tantruming and screeching like banshees. After they all went to sleep I was reading the file of this one SED, which in graphic description detailed how this one kid's father molested his sister. I almost vomited a number of times, because there are some things that you never want to read like the five year old girl sucking her father's.....well use your improper imagination for that one. There were other sexual things this man did to his daughter, and then he said that it was all her; she, this 5 year old girl, was sexually exploring her father of her own will and desire. There are a lot of creepy and perverted people out there. One of my co-workers then told me, after I shared what I found, that a different place she was working at some people who had taken in this one man and his 1 year old daughter (it was a drug shelter or something) upon washing the baby girl they discovered something lodged in the baby's vaginal area. She told me there were plenty more stories where that came from. Life sucks. Anyways. I'm very enthusiastic that my days off are here, and I'm very hopeful that I can knuckle down and get my work/writing done that I need to.

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