Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun Writing at Last.

It's not that I dislike writing anything that I sit down and type or pen out, except for maybe school assignments, but some things are far more enjoyable to write than others. For example, I've been wanting to write more modern war stories for my ongoing series, but the other writing that I have been doing lately has gotten in the way and time has also been kind of against me lately. I finally did it tonight, and thank goodness everything began to cool down when it did or otherwise I might not have been able to do as much writing as I actually did. The next Modern War Story that I wrote was The Sword and the Shield: One Side of Business and I really enjoyed writing this one. I found the characters and setting very engaging and can't wait to build on it as the series progresses. It's about a junior U.S. Senator trying to get a humanitarian bill passed through the House and the Senate and all of the finagling and bargaining that it takes to get something passed through the chambers. Now granted in the story I am guessing somewhat with how things proceed, but I'm fairly certain that I am in general quite accurate. I hope all of you enjoy the story, which has also given me more ideas for stories of a pure political nature. Aside from that I did some other writing, and I think today that I spent a grand total of hours writing. This is why I am so busy all of the time, with all of the writing that I do it's like having another full time job, but it will be worth it in the end and hopefully all of my really hard work pays off. In the world of Star Wars there is quite a stir of news. Darth Maul will be returning in some way in some episodes of the Clone Wars per George Lucas. It is very exciting to see such an iconic villain make a comeback, I only hope that they can get the same guy to do the voice. Video posted below; awesome collage and preview! And I also found this really cool poster for The Phantom Menace for when it will be released in 3-D next year! I find that very exciting, and yes I am a ridiculous Star Wars fan, but I have no life except for writing and work so I guess I'm allowed. Despite getting really hot today, it is actually cooling off relatively quickly and hopefully this weekend will continue to cool down; I hate working when it's boiling hot. Lot's of things to do tomorrow, so we'll see if I can manage to get it all done.

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