Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fonduing Around.

Today seemed very long despite it not being very long. I did my usual morning routine and then went to Target to get Captain America: The First Avenger on Bluray. After I got back I did laundry, ate lunch, and then began some writing which lasted far longer then it should of. This one writing task was taking me essentially all afternoon to complete, and it wasn't fun by any stretch of the imagination or even that enjoyable. It was the kind of writing that you do because you need to, and whenever I am confronted with that kind of writing it always takes me a while to do it because my motivation is running quite low. Actually the whole writing project that I am undertaking right now it taking me far longer than I was hoping or expecting it to, and I ain't even halfway completed yet and I'm already pulling my hair out. I'll get there eventually though, but I'm hoping it is sooner rather then later. Since that sucked up my afternoon my evening went by quickly as I watched the aforementioned film above, which was just as delightful as I remember it, but it did look more fabulous in 3-D and on a huge screen. Oh well, in life you cannot seem to always have everything unless you have unlimited resources. Now I'm getting excited for The Avengers which will be coming out next year; should be interesting to see how everything goes over with that. Aside from reading the Wall Street Journal, which had a section indicating that several studies are reporting that multivitamins and other supplements are not very useful, and could actually be harmful. Apparently, having a dark, leafy rich diet is better than swallowing pills; go figure. Also an interesting report is that adrenaline junkies are most likely to watch scary movies, and that during a scary movie guys tended to be more attracted to girls who were more freaked out and girls were more attracted to guys who didn't seem phased by the horror at all. What people will go through just to get closer to each other. I washed dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and put my laundry away. Now it's late so I'm going to watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Merlin and then go to bed. I posted the trailer for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3-D below; very excited about that. We'll see how it is in the new format when it debuts next year, and then we'll see how long it takes the Lord of the Rings trilogy to do the same thing, hey maybe even The Matrix trilogy will do the same thing. Hollywood will do whatever it can to make a buck without spending a buck; hence a lot of the crappy films that come out.

This was the only trailer I could find and post; sorry about the commentator and the bit about Madonna.

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