Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Crocodile bit off my.....

.....I'm not even kidding about this quote. One of the SED boys, who has poor physical boundaries, very sexualized, made the statment "A crocodile bit off my dick." Oh yeah, this is what I get to experience everytime I walk through those doors. For the most part work was fine. Had a shoe thrown at me, soap thrown at me, called 'Dumbo' and had four SED boys pile onto me. That was an interesting experience; first there was one, then two, three and then four. At first it was fine, but soon I felt my back and neck feeling a little uncomfortable and some how eventually we all landed on the floor. The mob pile mentality; no wonder people get killed doing stuff like that. The facility had an old VHS version of Star Wars IV and boy did it look and sound terrible; I'm so spoiled hearing and seeing superior versions of it these days, and with it on Blu-Ray I'm sure it will be even better. Irritatingly I was also quite sleepy throughout the shift so that's my priority right now. Good night everyone, and have a great beginning of the work week.

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