Monday, October 31, 2011

The Blood Guy.

Yes today for Halloween I was Dexter Morgan from the cable television series. I had my white lab coat, name tag, and Miami Metro Homicide badge. Unfortunately I couldn't get the hair right, but I had the clean shaven face and the clothes right on. It was fun, although I wasn't able to really show the....darker side of the character. Maybe next Halloween. I was going to be something from Underworld or The Matrix but decided it would be too hot for my black leather trench coat. My place of employment had a lot of activities for the SED's, but unfortunately I was unable to participate or observe any of it because I was inside dealing with a screaming, tantruming SED for about an hour and a half that reminded me of the Hulk getting angry. It was really bad, but he was eventually able to calm down without any further problems aside from being quite hyper. I made some sugar cookies and the SED's were able to decorate them and then dispense them to the staff while each of them got one. It was a busy, busy day; I felt like I was on my toes all of the time doing something, but it went fast and soon it was over and I am now done with my work weekend and can enjoy 4 days off! I'm so relieved, albeit I wont be playing much this week as I will be busy working on my writing stuff and other things that I have to do. So I hope that everyone had an excellent Halloween, ate lots of candy (I'm definitely going to get some at Target tomorrow), and had immense fun dressing up.

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