Thursday, October 20, 2011

An American Icon....?

In Neal Gabler's biography of Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination I found it exhaustive, boring, depressing, and surprising to see what the architect of one of the greatest media empires was really like. The review is there is you'd like to read it, but my advice is if you want to read a biography about Walt Disney, don't read this one unless you're really interested in EVERYTHING that had to do with creating the Waly Disney Empire and the man that ignited the flame. I was able to get some more writing done on my new project, but it remains slow going unfortunately. I'm hoping to get a lot done tomorrow, but I have a social engagement that might interfere with productivity; oh well, as I've said in the past you can't be productive all of the time. So I can finally return that Disney biography back to the library and get something else finally. Looks like the people of Libya reached a milestone in their development of a democracy with the death of their oppressor; Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi. My congratulations to them, and I hope that they are able to craft a peaceful and flourishing nation brimming with knowledge and wealth that all of the people of Libya can partake in. Well for me it was a rather average day; the neighbors were loud and obnoxious, which fortunately did not last all that long. And I was able to relax without pushing myself to finish a writing project. Not a whole lot of excitement, but hey at least I'm not stressed out or exhausted. Unlike Walt Disney, I don't need to go all of the time or risk getting bored. I thought it would be interesting to post one of the original Mickey Mouse cartoons; it's interesting to know almost the entire background of this one animated short.

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