Tuesday, October 11, 2011

400th Post!

It took a little longer than I thought to get here, but I am writing the four hundredth post for my blog. Hard work does pay off eventually, although one I've found has to be quite patient or risk driving oneself crazy. Today wasn't as productive as I might have hoped for but I did get some stuff accomplished. I did some writing and editing, which did take long then I was anticipating, but it is what it is and one just has to ploy through it and keep chipping off a little at a time. I had to go into work today for an SED's birthday party, and he specifically asked that I wear a suit, although I decided not to wear the suit coat as it was rather warm today. I really thought that the hot weather was gone and the cooler weather had arrived, but apparently that is not the case. After the birthday party, which went well, I went to Target to pick up a few things and while I was there I bumped into a good friend of mine. After we were both done shopping, we came back to my place and hanged out while watching The Devil Wear Prada. Fantastic film. Speaking of films, The Avengers film trailer is out today and I attached it below. It actually looks as if it will be good, although I am still waiting to see what the plot will be, and what villains they will be using. It is Clone Wars Tuesdays yet again, and this week we have the episode "Mercy Mission." A group of clones are assigned to provide relief to a planet that recently had a horrendous earthquake. C-3PO and R2 also accompany them and help them out, and while they are there the two of them find out that the problems the people on the planet are facing are much more severe than the clones believed. However, it is up to C-3PO and R2 to save the day, since the clones are bitter about being taken away from the front lines simply for delivering aid and assistance to a not so technologically advanced planet. I really enjoyed this episode. It was humorous, interesting, fascinating new people groups, and a lot of weird stuff going on; exactly what should be in Star Wars, but wouldn't have survived a film debut. The language that the native people speak is really cool, and I love the enthusiasm that all of them possess. C-3PO and R2 are fine, but the really interesting stuff happens underground. This episode has a huge weirdness factor and I won't spoil anything, but if you look at it from "this is all already impossible" then it doesn't seem so far fetched. I also liked how the clones were depicted in this episode; they seem to be becoming much less...humane and polite, which was probably to begin echoing how they're suppose to be when the Empire takes over. I think everyone should be able to enjoy this episode, despite a weak plot, but this is more of an exploration than anything...story is tertiary.

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